Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pink Leotard


Miss D was amused by Panties having to go to an aerobics class in a pink leotard and fishnets following to the letter the stylish assignment by the Station Mistress at SissyStation:


Your Thirteenth Sissy Assignment

You're not superstitious, are you, sissy?

So, you are seeking forced feminisation humiliation and what you've done so far isn't enough, is that it?

Was your last assignment too much? Were you not able to do it? There can be no other reason for you wanting more assignments. If you had done it, you would now be so obviously feminised that everyone would know. And once everyone knows you are a sissy, you can no longer be 'found out'.

You're here because you want to explore humiliation without going all the way to total feminisation. Very well, sissy. I hope you have done everything else, though; shaving, painting, tanning, clothing, sucking, chastity. If not, go back and start from the beginning.

You are going to join a dance aerobics class at your local gym/health club/sports centre. Obviously, you will want to fit in with all the ladies there, so you need the right outfit. Go to your nearest dancewear shop. Look it up in the phonebook if necessary.

As a special reward for your devotion to these assignments you have free reign on your outfit for this trip... but you might want to be feminine.

You will buy a pink leotard. Ask for one with a scooped neck and back and 3/4 length sleeves which is cut high on the thighs. Buy a pair of nude, fishnet pantyhose. If they have them, buy Danskin dancers' fishnets. These are very expensive but superb quality and have cotton soles for comfort.

You also need a pair of ladies' trainers in your size (if at all possible), a powder pink sweat or jogging suit and a matching pink lipstick. Lastly, some pink grips for your hair. Wouldn't want it flopping in your face as you exercise, would you, girl?

Try on your new outfit at home. Wear a pair of thong panties underneath everything to protect your balls from the grip of the fishnet. Don't wear your bra.

Miss D brought a Seane Corn Yoga DVD. “Of course,” she said, “I’ll have on some comfortable casual wear and you’ll be in your fishnets and pink leotard.”
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sasha said...

I like all these panties can you share a collection of Ladies Trainers