Friday, November 13, 2009

EMail From Miss C


E-Mail From Miss C

Miss D and I have been discussing our roles with you. It appears that we all have matching undergarments, hence I must be a co-trainer in the event that D is busy and needs me to take her place. Yes, you will not be my boyfriend, but you will be my sissy maid and I have plans for you. When do I start your first in-person trainings? Miss D thinks that it should be soon, since I do not have adequate employment eating my time away and so you can have your own time for the holidays. Pontificate on this. Thanks for checking Miss Panties. I'll ponder this possibility and explain the dilemma (regarding a research assignment she requested). By the way, you must visit A pair of ruffled black panties with pink polka dots is calling you. Please remember to hug your barbies. I would be delighted if the Miko Hawaiian barbie is included in your collection.

All the best,

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