Thursday, November 12, 2009

Put on Your Bra


She clearly understands words, just the way she enunciates the pinker ones, like “panties,” and “bra.” Speaking “panties,” in any of the colors of her voice, she could direct Panties as if she were her marionette. She had read “A Boy’s Bra Training,” the classic story by Marlissa ( about a young juvenile delinquent taught manners by his teacher who outfits him with a remote training device and forces him to come to school as a girl and on cue, work the words “my training bra” into her conversation:

“The next day, at my cue, he raised his hand. We had been discussing adjectives. How would he make a connection between his training bra and adjectives? I recognized him. "In a way, adjectives are things that make others things pretty, is that right, Ms. Hardy?" "How do you mean Miss Fox?" He blushed again. "Like my training brassiere makes my figure prettier? Like that?" Again, the class broke down.”

Miss D knew that Miss B had trained Panties around certain words. Panties had been “panty trained” as well as put through bra training much like the boy in the story. Miss B made Panties hang a bra significantly, right at the front door, explaining in her sing-song way, “That bra’s not just for hanging there. You are to put it on as soon as you come in.”

Recently at dinner with her second-best friend Miss R, Miss D joked that “maybe Panties will buy you a bra, too.” Miss R has a sharp mind which her sweetness sometimes obscures, and she shot Miss D a look, knowing something was up. What she didn’t know about was how Miss D had given new meaning to bras, at least for Panties. Just before leaving on a trip, Miss D instructed Panties to shop for two identical bras at one of her favorite stores. “When you put on your bra, you will know that you’re being trained by me even from a distance. You’ll think how maybe I am wearing the same bra and feel less lonely.” From then on, Miss D would frequently refer to “your bra,” “your favorite bra,” and “your cup size,” when speaking to Panties. Panties was made purposefully aware of the cup size, not only of Miss R, but of Miss D’s BFF, Miss C. Panties was slow to understand the plan. Her hopes had been lifted by Miss C’s sweetness and encouraging words, and Panties thought secretly she might subvert how Miss D would have her friend relate to Panties. She knew Miss C would not be bullied by Miss D and was counting on this for protection. Then one day, Panties found Miss B’s favored bras on sale at one of her favorite stores, and bought one for her and on a whim, Miss C. She also reflexively bought one for herself. Soon after, Panties was surprised when Miss C sent her an email with a detailed research assignment. Later Miss C explained: “Even though (Miss D) is your trainer, I understood that by sending me a bra, you were inviting me to train you as well. So my email is my accepting your service on my behalf.” This was the first of several such emails to come.
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