Saturday, January 30, 2010


Linda Writes:

When Ms.D was talking with real man who put his arm around her, you should have been jealous of her, not him. You should have wished it was you the man put his arm around. I guess it will take some additional training to get you to that point. You have stated previously that you never expect to have a physical relationship with a woman, that you realize you are a sissy. Why then are you discussing Playboy girls of the month? You should be reading Playgirl and reviewing the pics of those great guys. You should have pics of guys like this on the wall of your bedroom. You should kiss them all good night on their crotches. Before you go to sleep, you should suck on a dildo, covered with a condom, which has its own balls as you look at these pics. Even if you are not having your period, you should keep at least a thin maxipad in a pair of tight panties in case you squirt. When surfing, you should read the stories at and On the latter, read only those rated X or greater. Visit gay pic sites such as NewBudNudes and download the pics you like best. Speaking of the perfect penis, think back to when you were in school and you saw guys in the shower or locker room. Don't recall some really nice ones. Just imagine that they could see you now, dressed as a sissy. They would know exactly what to do with you. As they pushed you down in front of them to you knees, you would unzip their pants, extract their cocks, and service them properly, leaving not a drop to drip. This is your future role. You should be thankful for all the wonderful training Ms. D is giving you.
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