Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hip-2-B Square


My Size Barbie comes almost up to Panties’ waist and she has lovely eyes with real eyelashes. Miss B has forbidden Panties to touch her, sexually. “I know you want to sleep with her,” she said, “but you’ll have to wait. Anyway, how could you do this to your fiancee? What does she say about this?” Panties tells her how understanding Hip-2-B-Square Barbie is, how she accepts that Panties might be attractive to others. And how another Barbie of any size, is better than Panties cheating with any real woman. Miss B allows Panties to sleep with the smaller Barbie, but anything bigger is closer to “normal” than she would like. She likes how small Hip-2-B-Square’s hands are. She laughs at the idea of Panties holding hands with her. She has seen Panties pleasure her. She likes that Panties is building a life with this Barbie who has already shared movies, travel and even more intimate moments.
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