Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Date With Miss CY

Standing in Miss CY’s bathroom in her bra and pantihose and black bikini panties, Panties pondered all the other maids across the world throughout history who once stood in the unfamiliar bathroom of the mistress of the house, their expectations for the succeeding hours so very different from any boyfriend’s or guest’s. Panties zipped up the front of her maid’s uniform, tied on her apron and freshened her makeup, barely noting the tiny decorated mirrors hanging by the towel rack. Within ten minutes she was polishing them diligently while Miss CY and Miss D sat on the couch drinking wine. Next, Miss CY took Panties into her bedroom to hang and arrange a big pile of clothes on her bed. She was almost apologetically appreciative as Panties sorted her sweaters and tops according to sleeve length and style. Panties then was taught how to make the bed, adjusting the duvet just the way Miss CY likes it. She was thrilled to see Panties taking such care prompting Miss D to comment: “She is your maid. She should thank, you.” In the kitchen, Miss D was pleased to hear that Miss CY had let her sink fill up with dirty dishes in anticipation of Panties’ visit.
When Panties was finished with the dishes, she discretely asked Miss D whether she might have some wine. Miss D handed Miss CY her pocket video camera which she had been using to record Panties’ training. She poured a half cup of wine into a saucer and placed it on the floor.
“Panties? You asked for wine and I said I’d rather you didn’t drink, but then I said I think (Miss CY) would like to see you drink out of a dish on the floor....”
“Please," implored Panties, hesitating.
I’m sorry, I don’t,” pleaded Panties.
“I know,” said Miss D, “Panties... Aren’t you glad I’m not making you crawl on the floor—“ (Sit, now!) She mouthed silently.
Panties dropped to her hands and knees.
“There,” said Miss D, “Isn’t this better? Let’s see. Panties, you’re drinking wine out of a dish on the floor. You don’t have to drink it all at once. You’re going to tire yourself out and you’re going to get drunk and you’re not going to do a good job cleaning.”
Panties kept her face in the saucer of wine.
“So Panties, may I show her that you’re wearing panties? Or is it too extreme...?
“At Burning Man I’ve seen many things,” said Miss CY.
Panties felt her dress being hiked up in the back.
“Look at the lace, there, see?” said Miss D.
“Nice choice,” said Miss CY.
“And she’s wearing a matching bra and these, what do you call them, bikini panties?”
Panties felt her skirt being replaced.
“And she’s wearing pantihose and she’s wearing a slip...”
Panties again felt the hem of her dress being lifted.
“Are these the kind of pantihose with a line up the back? Noo, Panties. Because when she’s dressed as a secretary she wears pantihose with the line up the back, but when she’s dressed as a maid she wears, hardier ones.”
“That would make sense,” said Miss CY.
Panties sat up on her knees.
“I had her drink from a dish partially to symbolize that she can’t sit around drinking wine with us. She’s not on equal terms with us, she’s here to clean.”
Which Panties did, dutifully. She was sent back out into the rain to pick up takeout from a nearby Thai restaurant, after which the girls watched television while Panties filed and painted their toenails.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Date With Miss CY

Just a few days earlier at the Yoga Center, Panties had watched Miss CY, dressed in white, perform an athletic dance she had choreographed which was both sensual and spiritual. After, they chatted over canapes and wine. Miss D was recalling how Panties thought Miss CY was making arrangements for some sort of date with her, unaware that Miss D had previously told Miss CY all about her sissy maid and had even offered to lend Panties to clean her house. Panties protested that Miss CY was talking about a romantic date, which caused Miss D to smile. “It’s so sad, but it is so delightful,” said Miss D, not unkindly. “You know how I’m against abuse, and I’m really not saying this to hurt your feelings, but you should really know how much (women) prefer you this way (as a transvestite)...” Panties mentioned her engaging conversation with Miss V, another attractive girl who was friends with Miss CY. “She was just being polite,” said Miss D.

It was raining hard when Panties and Miss D pulled up in front of Miss CY’s house, which they found not so much by its address than from its being just beyond a small round-about. Panties noted the particulars of driving in a skirt and pantihose, how the seatbelt crossed over her breasts, how she was perceived as a “lady driver” from the vantage of others on the road. She wasn’t sure what to expect, but Miss D had instructed her to bring along her maid’s uniform. Through the downpour, they could make out Miss CY standing in the doorway. Behind her, the warm glow from her living room held off the twilight. She greeted Panties warmly, without a hint of condescension. Miss CY was dressed in a lavender skirt and top. Her hair was tied back and she wore silver dangly earrings which flirted attractively with the loose strands of her brown hair. Panties suffered a moment’s conceit that Miss CY had dressed with care (and was in fact, wearing a skirt!), the way a girl does to impress a date. Miss D had always said she would allow Panties a girlfriend if she could find a woman who would accept her as her true self. Miss CY and Miss D sat on the couch to chat while Panties was sent to change into her maid’s dress. ☹ (Continued...)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Panties’ Perfect Pair of Panties

 Panties was given three pairs of torn or shredded panties, and one pair of faded, cotton, polka dot panties which had once been worn by Miss D or Miss C. In return, the girls shopped for a whole new wardrobe of panties which they charged to Panties who was also surprised to receive a pair of skirted, black-and-white striped panties. “We knew we were going to buy you a pair,” said Miss D, but we didn’t know we would find you the perfect panties, Panties.” Panties had never worn panties like this before. When she tried it on she was surprised how the thong went up the back, and that the tiny triangle of nylon in the front was able to contain her sissy girl parts. “You’ll wear it under your maid’s uniform or your housedress, when you’re down on your knees scrubbing the floor,” suggested Miss D. “You can also wear it as ‘date panties,’ but with the skirt you’ll mostly have to wear it with a dress. You’ll have trouble wearing it (with girl pants) because it will bunch up.” This was her answer to Panties’ complaint about her first pair of date panties, chosen by Miss C which had thick layers of ruffles and were not quite a thong, but kept behaving like one both in the back and front, a teasing reminder when Panties was otherwise dressed in her costume, trying to impress a girl. These garish, skirted thong panties would make any future “date” one extended dilemma with Panties fidgeting constantly to keep her wenis safely tucked away. Pulling it on when dressing for a date perfectly expressed the likelihood that the night might end with Panties taking off her costume in front of a girl, to show off her pretty underwear.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"A Dog Ate My Panties!”

Miss C had left her laundry at Miss D’s when a visiting dog (male) ate the crotch from a number of their panties which had been left out. “Don’t worry!” chirped Miss D, “Panties will take care of it. I don’t like to wear anything that’s stained or ripped or old, and Panties knows it’s her job as my maid to replace any of my clothing. In exchange she gets to wear my old or stained clothes. Or she can sew them into a quilt. This is the closest she will ever get to me, wearing my old clothes or sleeping in a quilt of my clothes that once were worn by me... As for panties, Panties knows she has to buy us three pairs of panties for any of our old panties we give her.” The two girls had fun, enjoying panty shopping the way girls do, thinking about fit, and comfort and how they wear what panties for what occasions including in front of a lover. Panties might think about choosing sexy panties to show off in front of her lover, but since her primary relationship is to her transvestism, it would involve a full-length mirror or maybe the transvestite lover Miss D has been considering. In the lingerie department, Panties, like her sister transvestites, wanders about nervously, dazedly, at once close to her essence, but desperately not a part of the airy, soft, elastic, lace, pastel nylon world, shopping with a purpose few girls could imagine. (continued)
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7 Days


Like you I notice when I’m late
Like you I contemplate
Adjustments for my period.
On the street I share this state
All about and myriad.
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