Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Nails

Even in a fully staffed hotel, Panties was expected to serve Miss D. Panties was directed to empty Miss D’s suitcase and hang her clothes neatly in the closet. It was expected that Panties would straighten up between the visits of the hotel maid. Panties also served Miss D, poured her tea and drinks, arranged her taxis and shopping. Sometimes Miss D would allow Panties to accompany her as a girl friend, two girls seeing the sights. Panties could enjoy the company of Miss D almost as a peer, although one who is permanently aware of who is the alpha female. Miss D pointed out how she could be rude and demanding of Panties in the way she never is with her friends. “Get my sunglasses,” she ordered, “Why are you still standing there?” Later Panties tended to Miss D’s feet with pumice, lotions and nail polish, before doing her own in the same color.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010



After work, Miss D explored the markets and back streets. She doesn’t care for the usual touristy attractions. The fewer Americans around the better. Rather she likes to get out and meet the locals. Any animal is an object of interest as were the wild cats she spotted down near the beach after dark. She had some leftovers with her which the cats appreciated. She was quite interested to hear about a domesticated cat that let itself be petted in the hills around the hotel.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Flying in a Bra

Miss D corrects Panties when she says “...when I’m your secretary.” “You are my secretary,” she continues, “...and you’ll become an even better secretary. And one day, you’ll be allowed to be my personal assistant.” Panties already has experience as Miss D’s travel secretary, registering her on travel sites and taking care of meal and seat preferences (she always gets the window), but this was her first time accompanying her on a business trip. Following the lead of Miss J and Miss B, who had flown with Panties with strict controls over her wardrobe, Miss D took care that Panties would always appear before her dressed normally. That is, not ever in any of her in any of her m*le costumes. Panties was told to pack her pink bikini along with girls sandals and girls jeans she had bought with Miss C. Miss D is cute and vulnerable and loveable, but she is extremely capable and Panties had to find the right mix of anticipating her needs, taking care of taxis, asking directions, etc. while not seeming too much like a m*n. At one point, after Panties shepherded them to some address, Miss D remarked: “It’s amusing to see you make (these arrangements) when I am very capable, and probably much more capable than you to (get around this place)...though you should get used to traveling with me, carrying my bags, going where ever I’ve decided, following me around with no idea of the purpose or the address, obediently without questions.” Miss D is very easy going and forgiving, and with her searching intelligence, a wonderful person to travel with, especially if you were her peer. But even as her traveling secretary, there is no better person to travel with to any corner of the world.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

She’ll never let me touch her.
Her edgy kisses not for me.
Underneath her flirty skirt
Her panties let me be.

Her panties are bikini
Antron ruby red
Silky smooth and dripping lace
I’ll kiss her panties not her face.

If I were her panties
I’d cover her behind
I’d sweat with her in summer heat
But never bunch or bind.

I love her bra and panties
For others she will wear
In her nightie in her bed
I’ll never get to share.

I wish I were her panties
A nylon mystery
Panty panels airily,
Legholes, red elastic, waistband,
They’re what I long to be.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Venus in Furs

The reading of his play adapted by Thomas from the work by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch begins to bleed into his interaction with Vanda,(Nina Arianda,stalking about in black lace panties, garter belt and nylons and high heels). She has him give her his passport and money. He signs a contract, but instead of a one-year trial, it is for life. She bring him close, almost for an embrace and tells him to call his fiancée and tell her he won’t be home at all, no explanation. He immediately obeys and shuts off the cell which she throws across the room. Although the sadomasochism is intense and erotic, it mainly backlights the underlying divide between men and women and their struggles to fulfill their needs through the other. After, the girl at the ticket window recommended a café less than a block away which turned out to be shuttered, long shuttered, apparently, emphatically. They walked a few blocks through the cold blowing wind and crusted snow and were lucky to find a booth in a loud but atmospheric restaurant for drinks and late dinner. They talked mostly about philosophy, as the play hung in the air like smoke. How interesting to be Nina Arianda, auditioning for the part with playwright David Ives. Did she dress for the part?
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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Planning her business trip with Panties, Miss D admired the photos of Miss J in the Miami surf where Panties traveled without a stitch of m*n costumery and where Miss J posed topless with none of the shyness girls get when they disrobe in front of the opposite sex. Panties must clear all of her travel and especially matters of wardrobe with Miss D, who like, Miss J, just a few blocks away last night under the extreme wet snow blowing, was suffering the effects of this season’s flu. Panties met with Miss J/E, who wanted Panties to pose naked for a coffee table book and exhibition by a certain notorious, er, sensationalist, perhaps, artist. Miss J/E, amidst a blizzard of her own film and personal projects, offered to chaperone. Far away in San Diego, Miss B negotiates a new world paradise not long before Miss D is surprised by a box of chocolates along with a big box addressed to Miss C, delivered prematurely.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heavy Flow

This evening, or tomorrow afternoon, you will put on a light colored
dress, stain it in the back with your jam, go to the store dressed,
buy tampons or pads and candy and midol. You don't have to talk to
anyone, just act shy and embarrassed---which should be authentic. You
can also go out later with a sweater wrapped around your waist as many
young girls must experience. This is separate from going out visibly
showing your stain.

(Panties begged that she might put off this assignment until warmer weather when she would less likely to be walking around the store wearing a coat. She also discussed Valentine's Day upcoming)

Ah, that sounds nice--the present that is. I'm feeling generous so
you may wait until Spring...but you should go out and discuss your
period with a cute girl at the local pharmacy.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

That Time of the Month

Three more days. This has become more than a routine. The number of times she has sat on the toilet and pulled down her panties to see that bright spike of red on her pad, the number of times she has been reminded of that extra bit of female clothing, her sanitary belt, stretching under her undergarments, as well as the soft bulk between her legs (which Miss J loved to make fun of), these add up to psychological weight over time. Her monthly calendar is filled with female calculations. She has to prepare her sanitary belt and pad the night before her period begins. She has to avoid outfits that are too revealing. Strolling down the feminine hygiene aisle, she thinks about whether her supplies are running low. When she is around women she is aware that some of them have pads under their panties. Just like Panties. The purpose of her menstruation though, is more sissy than female. It’s not the downside to a positive biological cycle. Panties’ menstruation has to do with brain change and learning who exactly, for her, is “the opposite sex.” Panties understands how unlikely she is ever going to undress with seductive intent in front of a woman during her period. She remember how Miss J instructed her to leave her tampons out in the hotel bathroom so that Miss Sara would know she was using them. More recently, Panties has begun enunciating the word menstruation as does Miss D, in four syllables. (She said she would replace Panties’ beliefs, interests, and opinions based on hers and Miss C’s.) Panties menstruates longer than most women and she will likely continue to menstruate long after most women find some relief from the mess and bother come menopause. Like them, though, she feels a simple relief on the last day of her period, happy about the thick layer of days between the 7th and the first of the next month.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Miss Marmalade

She said, “I think you’ll learn to love being my
Transvestite.” “My secretary,” “my“maid,”
“My cook,” “errand girl” and “seamstress,” unpaid.
“You asked for this,” she says calmly, “don’t lie.”
“Fines and tuition and rent you’ll supply;
Let Misses J and C’s brandings cascade:
Our ‘Wenis girl, eunuch,’ ‘Miss Marmalade,’
Bra’d and pantied in your nightie you’ll lie.”
Hark while her brushstokes of words gently steal
With girdled rules and pastel stains
The false sense of self we’re going to replace;
Then she lets up so I’m able to feel
The whispery tug and pull of the reins
Sewn from pink nylon, elastic and lace.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


Dear Secretary Panties,

Please {personal assignment}. You may have them sent to me or to { }.
You must send a letter, call, or file for these online by February
1st, to coincide with your period.

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