Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heavy Flow

This evening, or tomorrow afternoon, you will put on a light colored
dress, stain it in the back with your jam, go to the store dressed,
buy tampons or pads and candy and midol. You don't have to talk to
anyone, just act shy and embarrassed---which should be authentic. You
can also go out later with a sweater wrapped around your waist as many
young girls must experience. This is separate from going out visibly
showing your stain.

(Panties begged that she might put off this assignment until warmer weather when she would less likely to be walking around the store wearing a coat. She also discussed Valentine's Day upcoming)

Ah, that sounds nice--the present that is. I'm feeling generous so
you may wait until Spring...but you should go out and discuss your
period with a cute girl at the local pharmacy.

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