Sunday, February 13, 2011


Dear Followers,

The PINK LINE has always been a threat for Panties. THE PINK LINE represents: complete loss of control, complete obeisance, complete loss of will. The PINK LINE implies an emptied head, a head without opinions, a head full of panties. THE PINK LINE also means Panties met her goal of 100 barbies, Panties sealed her own fate by painting herself inside a pink box, and Panties gave up all m*nly pretensions and desires.

With great pleasure, Miss B and Miss D would like to announce that Panties has crossed THE PINK LINE. Panties has been under 24 hour surveillance for 2 weeks. Miss B and Miss B--and friends--have taken extreme measures and shifts to ensure that Panties bought her 100th Barbie, painted her home several shades of pink (just like Barbie!), decorated with all Barbie accessories, gave us a fashion show complete with dancing in her tutu and cat-walking in her "black mistress", served us meals without complaint, diaper squirted during spankings after any stray complaint, pressed her own mute button so that she would never complain again, and then handed over the keys to "her" home and passwords to all accounts. She is now locked in an undisclosed basement wearing her maid's uniform and a diaper (under her date panties) so that she can be prepared to serve us without relent for the rest of her days. We have used her credit card to hire a service to redecorate the training home to our more adult tastes. Panties will sadly never get to see it, nor report to you how she is being treated. Sissies aren't permitted to use the computer! A sissy is permitted no contact with the outside world! When we need our sissy, we blindfold her and lead her in OUR HOME so that she will still remember THE PINK LINE. She serves our every whim until we tire of her, then she is returned to her basement. Rest assured: she has company. She is surrounded by all her Barbies. Surf Barbie watches over them all to make sure she self trains while we are enjoying Panties' assets. Panties' dream has come true. Panties has crossed THE PINK LINE.

Miss B and Miss D