Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Put on a Bra


Miss D advised Panties about putting on a bra, using the “incorrect” technique as described below in www.lucyandlolita.com. Panties has seen her put on her bra both both ways. Panties explained how she prefers reaching around back, feeling the elastic stretching, and feeling for the closure which somehow means “putting on a bra” to her.

Just because you wear a bra every day doesn't mean you know how to put one on correctly. If like most women you put on your bra by hooking it underneath your breasts and spinning it around so that the closure is in the back, you're putting on your bra incorrectly.

According to the experts at Figleaves.com, the correct method of getting into your brassier is as follows:

1. Adjust the straps to the maximum length.
2. Lean forward into the cups and rest your breasts into the supports.
3. Reach behind to hook the bra on the middle hooks of the closure.
4. Put the straps on your shoulders.
5. Position your breast in the cup by slipping a hand into the cup and lifting the breast while aligning the underwire on your ribcage along the natural crease of your breast to prevent pinching of the breast tissue.
6. Tighten the straps so that they support the breasts lightly without cutting into the skin or putting too much strain on the shoulders.
7. Adjust the straps every time you put on a bra.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Surveying Their Domain


Left: the nocturnal incarnation of Miss D.
Right: the solar diablerie of Miss C.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009



Unseamed pantihose are okay for now or when I am not around, but I want you to be properly dressed as my secretary. I just got the giggles when I read your latest blog entry. You kneeling down in your maid's uniform with head bowed, with lipstick stained mouth, squeaking to (Miss C) : will you possibly have dinner with a man; I'd like to date you" was hysterically funny--especially as (Miss C) did not expect this.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

E-Mail From Miss D

Good job on the PDFs. I'm glad I didn't have to type all that text. The boxes and formatting held up. However, in the future, please save the document as the full title of what I need it for so that when I download it I know what it is immediately if more than one doc is up. Eg, (Petition of Joint Property Ownership instead of: pjo pdf word converted). The second was a little messy but I can use it. Thank you, Panties. You are proving to be a useful secretary. I bet you can't wait for a few years to pass when you'll be serving me full time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Miss D has informed Panties that she would be lent to her friends, including her BFF, Miss C. It was always qualified, like, “Miss C won’t be your trainer, but you’ll have to occasionally clean her house or run an errand when she needs it.” Miss C seemed equally evasive about ever being more than an indirect beneficiary of Panties’ training. Panties remembers riding in a car with Miss D reading Panties’ poem about wearing panties:

Before I get to hold your hand
or kiss you on the lips
I share a pleasure with your aunties
A nylon secret on my hips
I’m always wearing panties.

From the back seat came Miss C’s voice, hesitantly: “So you always wear...?” Miss D interjected: “Yes, Panties always wears panties. That’s part of why her name is Panties.” Even as she learned the full details from Miss D, Miss C would only hint, timidly almost, at the possibility of ever making use of Panties as a maid or secretary. Panties on her part, had desperate hopes of impressing Miss C as something other than a sissy, taking comfort in her friendly words which indicated she would like to get to know the non-Panties side of her. Sensing this, Miss D dressed Panties in her maid’s uniform and had her kneel before Miss C and confess her love for her, while asking for a chance to date. Miss C (groggy with sleep), gave a mumbling reply which ended with: “I think of you the same way (Miss D) does...she has a good plan for you and I’m going to support her.” Then Panties was sent downstairs to clean Miss C’s living room. Since then, things have accelerated.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sissy Secretary


Please, based on the attached file samples and the law posted in the body of the email, create the necessary paperwork for us to take to the court to complete this process. You will wear your secretarial outfit while doing this. You will be wearing your purple shirt, lined black panty hose, black heels, black pencil skirt, black bra that matches mine, pink panties, black slip, pink or nude lipstick, plum eyeshadow, black mascara, foundation, black wig pulled into a pony tail or pig tails. Your nails will be short but filed neatly and cleaned with a nail brush. A waste basket and red pen will be near you to correct and dispose of drafts. You will spank yourself when you've messed up. You will spank yourself with the pink whip. You are a sissy secretary.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dress


If you see these colors, say hello to Panties. She will surely be wearing her special bra and possibly her garter belt and nylons. If it is the first 7 days of the month, you can be sure she will have on her sanitary belt and sanitary napkin. If there is a very pretty brunette with her it is probably Miss D. She is quite generous and might even lend you Panties for a day of cleaning or errands. She might even invite you out on Panties’ dime or have Panties run an errand for you or purchase you a present.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Miss J


Miss D has always been generous about Panties’ girl friends because as she explained, she did not take any of them seriously. They were exactly girl friends rather than girlfriends. “The only way you would get a girlfriend is if you find a girl who has some kind of fetish for transvestites and who accepts that you are my sissy maid,” she said. “That’s going to be very hard,” Miss D, continued sympathetically, but with an unmistakable, flirting ridicule. As usual, Miss D’s soft touch is spiked with iron implication, in this case, the way she casually broke the expectation that Panties would have to continue as her sissy maid even if she found a female who would accept her. Panties had always assumed that she would have the option of backing out and being a full, legitimate b*yfriend if she found the right woman. At least at this point of her training.

Miss D has been especially generous about J who is exquisitely cute but feisty on behalf of her friends. Panties had been hoping to keep her off Miss D’s radar as a potentially ardent defender against Panties’ sissification. She had in the past indicated she would teach Miss D herself a lesson if necessary. Miss D took this in stride, amicable making a point of complimenting her whenever possible. Then recently Miss D during training for the forthcoming Debutante Party, it was not lost on Panties when Miss D for the first time, mentioned that Miss J might be invited. Panties didn’t say anything, but she felt a stinging alarm and strangely, relief. Surf Barbie had reprimanded her for not being “an open book,” especially about J, and threatened to tell Miss B directly about Panties’ secret hopes, that J might be a powerful ally and means of escape. But it seems Miss D intends to make a new friend, and now it is Panties who suffers excessive “moisture release” waking up with “night sweats,” realizing how playful, capricious and capable her intelligent and beautiful trainer can be and that the surprises come always at Panties’ expense.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009



Miss D has been training Panties to increasingly prioritize her well-being and long term goals. It seems like ages ago that Panties could ignore Miss D’s calls or treat any request in terms of favors which Miss D had to be properly grateful for. Miss D has authoritatively pushed to the front of Panties consciousness, dominating her thoughts. Panties has begun to reflexively review whether Miss D has any needs, what makes Miss D happy, what outstanding assignments Panties has to get to. When she catches herself resenting the tedium of a request, or feeling annoyance at how Miss D has shaped this new relationship, Panties feels a wave of love and gratitude push her personal ambitions back, replacing them with a desire to work harder in the service of Miss D’s interests. To her surprise, Panties has found herself striving fervently to prove her worth in Miss D’s eyes, as a maid, secretary and servant. She hungers for Miss D’s approval and trust.

Inspired by the movie, Secretary, Miss D asked Panties to buy a purple blouse and pencil skirt and seamed hose to wear when she does her secretarial tasks. This week Panties called around for shows Miss D is interested in, and even went to the box office to purchase tickets. Recently she extensively researched Miss D’s travel preferences, including what kind of in-flight meal (vegetarian) to order and whether she prefers aisle or window seats (window). Panties took care of all details for one of her upcoming trips. She set up a travel profile for Miss D at a travel site and called in seating arrangements. Panties was proud that she saved $90 by checking the next day for price changes. As if to reward her, Miss D brought over a large bag filled with bills and unopened mail, intimating that while there might come a time when Panties would voluntarily (and happily!) be fully responsible for these matters, for the present, she should get used to being the one to open and organize all of Miss D’s onerous mail, leaving her to enjoy the more positive correspondence. Panties also shopped for and purchased several reference books, each a heavy reminder of many work weeks to come doing all the drudge work which Miss D is increasingly feeling entitled to assign to Panties.

Finally, after a particularly busy week during which Panties begged for a little “room” so to give her non-sissy priorities some chance, Miss D agreed that the line representing pure obedience has yet to be crossed, and she sympathetically agreed to Panties’ plea. Soon after, however Panties received an email with an electrifying (to Panties) subject line: Brownies. It was a light request asking Panties to bake Miss D a batch of brownies, but the assumption of obedience was thunderous, especially in light of Miss D’s agreeing to go easy on Panties for a while. Baking involved going out for eggs and vegetable oil and then several hours of kitchen baking and clean-up. And in Miss D’s subsequent email, she so casually mentioned how she was looking forward to Panties’ purchase of pens, post-its, printer paper and toner while outlining a serious mailing which would involve several trips to the post office. Again, there was no mention of her having to reimburse Panties for any time or expenses. There was a short, intense moment of conflict in Panties’ mind, before her desire to please Miss D and prove herself won out. Panties pushed aside all her (selfish/m*nly) thoughts to tend to Miss D’s needs, quickly and thoroughly.
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Friday, October 9, 2009


Panties is being trained to become a well-mannered lady. She'll have to listen to Miss D reading from a manners book while occasionally pausing to illustrate a point that relates to any of Panties' errors. Panties will have to summarize these lessons and include brief essays on the lessons' applicability to her life. Only when Miss D is satisfied that Panties has become a well-mannered lady will Miss D allow her to have a debutante party. Panties dreams of wearing a yellow dress that she saw on an actress at a play she attended with Miss D. Miss D and her friend, Miss C, wants Panties to also wear a pink lace-ruffled petticoat which Panties will hand-sew. Panties doesn't have to worry about squirting during this preparation time; she has all the moisture-release she needs as she wakes up in night sweats worrying about who will be on the invite list...Will every real girl she's ever known be invited? Will this be bigger than the coming-out party thrown by Miss B? Will she lose all hope as an m*n? Miss D is very kind, but she is sometimes surreptitious in her plans for Panties.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clothes Make the Lady


Previously Panties, dressed in “ridiculous clothes,” implied Miss R was less than courageous for ambivalently expressing her opinions. Since then Miss D spent considerable time training Panties to be better behaved. The problem she thought, may have been partly a matter of clothing. Three times this week, Panties would see Miss R and each time, she would be in a skirt or dress with full make up. "Come here, Panties!" called Miss D. “I don't care if I see you in your panties.” Panties, stepped out of the bathroom. Miss D held out a red, stretchy, long sleeved garment. "This is too big for me and I want to see how it looks on you." Panties wasn't sure how to put it on. "You put it on like a shirt," said Miss D. Panties stood still while she wrapped the long ties around the waist. "You see, you can tie it high or low and you see how it defines your waist." P stepped into a red-and-black skirt and Miss D showed her how to tie the wrap shirt at the back or at the side. She made Panties look from all sides in a mirror. “Remember not to tug too much at the wrap, it is meant to be loose and drape. It's okay if it is above your waistline. Part of the fun of layering is that layers can fall at many levels on your body exposing silk or lace or bold color in unexpected places.” Soon Miss R arrived and she and Miss D ran out to pick up the take out. Miss R and Miss D drank wine from glasses while Panties knelt on the floor drinking from a cup. It was not lost on Panties how different she behaved before Miss R this time, how she deferred to the two girls while occasionally looking to Miss D for cues and the occasional approving look, laced with the faintest smirk of satisfaction.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Panties and I discussed m*n at length this weekend. She had asked that she be permitted to attend an event as an m*n. I laughed and replied, "but you are not an m*n". I then proceeded to describe several sexy foreigners I had dated--real m*n--m*n with long lean bodies, chiseled features, and baritone voices. These men did not wear panties. These men and I shared discourse on soft and hard sciences, and intimacies also of the soft and hard nature; we did not share our desires for the perfect pair of panties. Panties was jealous to hear such things. She asked if she might have a girlfriend who describes her this way. With a smirk, I told her, "I don't take your "relationships" with women seriously; you should be happy that Life-size Barbie lets you kiss her". Panties then rose from her knees in silence. With her head bowed and turned away from me, she retrieved her fiance', Life-size Barbie, from a corner and took her into the closet where Panties was living. I slipped out quietly while Panties shared an intimate moment with Life-size Barbie.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



She is a struggling artist, destitute at times, but there is not a venal atom in her. Miss J for example, would never pass up a chance to obligate Panties to pay for her needs and was in fact, light-fingered about anything Panties owned which caught her eye, including, jewelry, perfume and cash. Miss D fully understands her power, but is so generous about her time as well as expenses. She declined when Panties offered to reimburse her for an evening with her friends. She wears a lush green coat which she got on sale with a broach pinned over a minor stain. She worries about her student loans but will travel or buy a present for her best friend on her last dollar, because that’s the way she is.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Boots, Skirts and Pantihose


Later, Miss D had on a pair of her stylish boots which she says is the best thing about winter. The boots were very sexy and fit well. She wanted a pair with flat heels, however, and remembered fondly, a pair of boots with a thick heel she had worn to the ground. Panties listened sympathetically, as she did when the conversation shifted to the subject of who she thought was hot. Miss D pointed out several she liked, rather the John Cusack type, a little scruffy, someone who you might notice in some hip coffee bar, maybe with a white laptop open. Miss segued into Panties’ having to sit and watch her with a real M*n at a show or restaurant, dressed of course as a woman, watching Miss D attend to someone she was physically, intellectually, sensually attracted to. She had read Miss B’s account and she liked the idea of Panties paying for her night out with her Man. Panties’ ears burned as she stared down at her pantihose and the hem of her skirt, but not nearly as much as they would in a subsequent conversation, the kind girls get into when they are with girl friends they can trust with every intimacy.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not A Date


Earlier Miss D helped Panties understand how “confused” she was about her time spent with females, that Panties somehow mistook going out with a girl friend for an actual date. “Your girl friends, see you as a girl friend,” she said. “There is no question of you relating to them the way that a m*n would.” Miss D has been going out every night possible this week. Her friends were all over town and she met several at a time at one particular jazz spot they like. Panties was grateful when she was invited along for any outing, but wasn’t that surprised at being dressed always to match her purse and shoes. Panties’ half-hearted request to go out just once dressed in m*n clothing, carrying a wallet or maybe a "m*n bag, was brushed off like it was a joke. Getting dressed, Miss D fussed over Panties the way she might with a young girl or a doll. Panties was seen by all in a black blouse and black-and-white skirt that matched the red, black and white print Miss D was wearing. Miss D brought Panties into the ladies room and after posed with her for photos.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Doing it the Hard Way


A while ago, she explained how girls will hook a bra around the front, then slide it around and pull up the straps. Yesterday, Panties averted her eyes as Miss D bared her back and shoulders. She slipped her arms into the straps and reached back to hook the bra. As a transvestite, Panties is faithful to this motion which defines “putting on your bra.” To see a real girl, even obliquely, put on her bra this way, is to be dazzled by her femaleness.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Learning Her Tastes


Miss D got into the corners of the kitchen and found a box of brownies mix as well as some Barbie sprinkles Panties had once used for Miss B's cookies. On the corner of a napkin, Miss D wrote in green ink: Fun baking for you. She also left packages of instant oatmeal and an envelope of Carnation Instant Breakfast with instructions in a quick scrawl: Breakfast Friday, or cream of wheat which I like better. She likes eggs, too.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miss D Takes a Bath


When she and her best friend were girls, they used to love The Rocky Horror Show. “I love transvestites, she said, “And I’ve always wanted a secretary. And a maid. And now I have my personal transvestite.” Panties returned to find a handwritten note on pink paper: Panties, I’m taking a bath in my swimsuit so that you can help me as my nurse maid. You’ll straighten up the mess I left, do my feet, help me choose my outfit. It was a cute dress which looked cuter when she was wearing it. And so the city was prettified until a late hour by Miss D and her second closest friend, Miss R.
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