Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clothes Make the Lady


Previously Panties, dressed in “ridiculous clothes,” implied Miss R was less than courageous for ambivalently expressing her opinions. Since then Miss D spent considerable time training Panties to be better behaved. The problem she thought, may have been partly a matter of clothing. Three times this week, Panties would see Miss R and each time, she would be in a skirt or dress with full make up. "Come here, Panties!" called Miss D. “I don't care if I see you in your panties.” Panties, stepped out of the bathroom. Miss D held out a red, stretchy, long sleeved garment. "This is too big for me and I want to see how it looks on you." Panties wasn't sure how to put it on. "You put it on like a shirt," said Miss D. Panties stood still while she wrapped the long ties around the waist. "You see, you can tie it high or low and you see how it defines your waist." P stepped into a red-and-black skirt and Miss D showed her how to tie the wrap shirt at the back or at the side. She made Panties look from all sides in a mirror. “Remember not to tug too much at the wrap, it is meant to be loose and drape. It's okay if it is above your waistline. Part of the fun of layering is that layers can fall at many levels on your body exposing silk or lace or bold color in unexpected places.” Soon Miss R arrived and she and Miss D ran out to pick up the take out. Miss R and Miss D drank wine from glasses while Panties knelt on the floor drinking from a cup. It was not lost on Panties how different she behaved before Miss R this time, how she deferred to the two girls while occasionally looking to Miss D for cues and the occasional approving look, laced with the faintest smirk of satisfaction.
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