Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not A Date


Earlier Miss D helped Panties understand how “confused” she was about her time spent with females, that Panties somehow mistook going out with a girl friend for an actual date. “Your girl friends, see you as a girl friend,” she said. “There is no question of you relating to them the way that a m*n would.” Miss D has been going out every night possible this week. Her friends were all over town and she met several at a time at one particular jazz spot they like. Panties was grateful when she was invited along for any outing, but wasn’t that surprised at being dressed always to match her purse and shoes. Panties’ half-hearted request to go out just once dressed in m*n clothing, carrying a wallet or maybe a "m*n bag, was brushed off like it was a joke. Getting dressed, Miss D fussed over Panties the way she might with a young girl or a doll. Panties was seen by all in a black blouse and black-and-white skirt that matched the red, black and white print Miss D was wearing. Miss D brought Panties into the ladies room and after posed with her for photos.
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