Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bikini Panties


Miss D has trained Panties to be of service to her friends. Her BFF Miss C recently took advantage of her authority and Panties’ excellent credit rating to secure a swank apartment downtown. She in turn decided to use Panties on behalf of her friend Miss M, a young, talented, but under-employed jewelry artisan. Without consulting Panties, Miss C commissioned a piece of jewelry, appropriate to a transvestite sissy, which she had Panties pay for along with an unrelated expense for dogfood which Miss M had bought Miss C as a favor. After a brief interview during which Panties described her identity as a transvestite, Miss M spent a few weeks “dreaming,” and soon after Panties received a parcel wrapped in ribbon. Panties wasn’t sure what she would find. Miss C had taken Panties’ collar measurements and made sure Panties overheard her laughing over the design with Miss D. Panties had been expecting something light and unobtrusive, perhaps a pink stone she would wear on a chain. Instead what she got was a curved triangle of silver wire, roughly the size of a hand, but unmistakably the outline of a pair of bikini panties. Six fiery red and pink stones dangled from the “legholes.” From the “waistband” hung two pink orbs, wrapped in spirals of silver wire. There was also a detailed note from Miss M which read in part: “I began picturing your pendant as soon as we finished talking... It was difficult at first, but slowly a picture began to form. You had seemed very doubtful that anything could possibly replace your panties. That’s when the solution became clear. I needed to literally replace your panties. So your pendant is the result of that realization. The shape of the panties is apparent to anyone who knows your secrets, but only suggestive to a stranger. The pink balls in the center are there to remind you of your own panties, and their personal package...The overall piece is a statement piece. People will notice it and likely ask you about it. You will be confronted with the need to explain your piece and perhaps will encounter varying levels of humiliation and embarrassment by exposing your personal side to others." Panties tied on the pendant with the white butterfly straps suggestive of the appliques found on the waistband and legholes of panties. With its heft and texture, it was less like putting on a necklace than some sort of yoke. Panties could immediately feel the intent of this dazzling addition to her wardrobe. Apart from its steady weight, the smaller gems and the two heavy pink globes bobbing just above her bra were a constant reminder of her training and transformation. She was instantly wondering about all the hours to come wearing Miss M’s artistry, how it would look over and under her blouses and dresses and how it would affect every social encounter within sight. Panties remembered Miss C and Miss D’s words, accompanied by shrieks of laughter: “Real girls don’t have balls in their panties!”
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


More than once in public, Miss D has reprimanded Panties for allowing her slip to show. More recently she gave Panties pointers about the art of undressing. “You’ll get home and take off your dress in front of your (transvestite lover) and she’ll see you in your slip and think about when you’ll take it off. She’ll probably want to wear it, too.” Two transvestites in slips implies a light slippery encounter with the least possible friction when they come together. And so would unfold an evening of two transvestites flirting, touching, caressing, centered around their slips and their panties and bras and nylons hidden beneath.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Clarification

To A.
Yes, you and Panties would be lovers, and neither of you would have much to say about it. Everyone needs that kind of warmth and intimacy and you both will be grateful for being allowed a healthy and satisfying sex life as a reward for your many hours of work. For some reason, maybe in a moment of generosity, Miss C hinted she might let Panties have a lesbian lover, but it’s looking like Panties would be better off having sex with her own kind, because she won’t admit it, but this is what she really wants. So, yes, you can imagine sharing very wonderful close moments in Panties’ bed, which will be a mat in the kitchen or at best a small, twin, bed, because although she (or you) will be making the Queen or King size bed in the master bedroom each day, neither of you will ever get to lie down on its plush covers or silky sheets. Ever.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Help Wanted

Transvestite sissy maid wanted for training. Should be similar to Panties in aptitude and abilities. Obedience and willingness to accept a new life dictated by Miss D are critical. Applicant should be hard-working, sincere, clean, with some income and ambition which may be diverted according to her potential. You should expect significant time commitment cleaning, cooking, running errands. You should not expect anything in return except for the right to be attired in female clothing. Your remuneration will be your satisfaction is working hard dressed in a maid’s uniform or housedress and apron. You will work alongside Panties and become friends with privileges (meaning you and Panties sharing her twin bed dressed in your nighties and panties) as Miss D allows. Reply to with 1200 word essay detailing your current life including living situation, income, talents, experience (including as a transvestite and servant), ambitions and limits. This is not a transvestite fiction which you moonlight for a weekend when you are in the mood. If you are the right person you will be sissified and trained as a transvestite maid for years and years to come.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Panties’ period is more regular than most girls and she has grown accustomed to the routine which includes shopping in the feminine hygiene aisle and even keeping an eye out for coupons and sales on pads and tampons. Miss D rarely makes panties wear tampons, but she likes that there is always a box on Panties’ bathroom shelf she can count on. Panties accepts the extra inconvenience of having to attach her sanitary napkins to the elastic belts and having to feel the red, sticky application for the first five days of her special week. She thinks Miss D might not care as much about this old-fashioned form of protection, and secretly hopes she will be allowed someday to graduate to the convenience of pads. This week she was looking forward to her weekly intimate time following the end of her period on Saturday. But Miss D capriciously announced that Panties would menstruate an extra day. She mercifully allowed Panties permission to enjoy herself as usual because even girls who prefer not to have sex during menstruation, will occasionally do so with the right lover.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Transvestism Today

 Miss D has been reading some of Panties’ transvestite literature. She would read some of the case studies and later recite the facts back at Panties with a bit of a smirk. “You really don’t want a relationship with a woman. You prefer a relationship with your transvestism." She then went on to lecture Panties as to what her future intimate relationships would be like: I think you should seriously develop your primary relationship with your transvestism. You will become intimate with your panties, and of course Life Size Barbie.” Then later she dropped a bombshell which is has left Panties blushing: “Everyone needs a little warmth... This summer we’ll find you another sissy to have a relationship with.”
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