Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Rule

According to Miss D, her BFF Miss C is infatuated with Miss B whose ethereal trails reach from San Diego to Seattle. For Panties, her voice still echoes in the aisle where female incontinence products are sold. Recently Miss D revived the tradition: “New rule– from now on, when you ask for a squirt or have an accidental squirt, I’m going to ask you to drink lots of water and have a diaper squirt.” When she heard how Panties would have to put down newspaper and wait for the moment in the presence of Miss B, Miss D said, “I’d like to see that, too. You’re going to become a creature that’s part dog and part baby.”
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

White Wine

 Miss D was telling Miss BR how Panties wants to be a girl more than anything in the world, and since most girls are heterosexual she should be interested in all things penis including things you do to a penis if you are a girl with a healthy sex drive. Panties already has been taught what to think when she sees a dollop of mayo or a glass of white wine. Miss D knows what Panties has done in a hotel room when the only other body present was by no means female. She knows what Panties performed in a car parked in a desolate part of town for as little as five dollars. She declared prophetically that Panties would never kiss a girl again, and that she would be glad about it. Recently, Panties was minding her own business watching a gaggle of transvestites around the pool table. When she returned to the dance floor one of them followed her to chat. At the end of the night she offered Panties a ride back to where Miss D was staying. Miss D wasn’t home, but Panties declined to let her come in for a sissy nightcap (there was only red wine in the house). But she agreed to watch while the other sissy hiked up her skirt and pulled down her serious panties and pantihose and did what sissies love to do. Panties was shy about touching the forbidden flesh, but she submitted to resting her fingers and red nails lightly on the hairy wrist of her fellow sissy, causing a hot, white ejaculation which Panties was not quite quick enough to avoid.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kiss Here

 Panties is getting nudged away from her ideas about the textures, smells and pastel sounds of cuddling with a real girl. Although Miss D is a constant reminder of how dreamy, wonderful it is to be close to someone like her, Panties finds herself thinking about something closer to what a real girl feels, smells, tastes when she is intimate with the opposite sex. Miss D has been repetitively urging Panties to give up her silly ideas of ever trying to please a woman. She thinks it would be a crime against women for any one to find themselves in bed with a transvestite who sees her primarily as a vehicle for panties to be in motion. She is intrigued by some of the sissies who have written, however. She has no problem with the idea of a sissy lover, where each would get exactly what they want and what they deserve. Panties is already dreaming of her face right at the crotch panel of a pair of panties, wet and distended in the wrong places... This call for sissies might also involve housework and possibly even a loving relationship with Panties. But it’s first of all, about sissy bonding and helping Panties take her medicine.
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