Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cherries in the Snow


Miss D first exercised authority over Panties at the Christmas Pageant in 2007. Following her instructions, Panties had met her dressed in a blouse, skirt and heels and was walked around and introduced to her friends as a woman. Later they went out for drinks and food with her friend, Miss R, who had been invited to the Christmas pageant but was unable to attend. Like Miss D, Miss R is dark, delicate and pretty. She is also gentle to the point of shyness. Both girls were wearing low cut outfits, Miss R in an especially cute combination of straps suggesting bras and slips. With the men following their every fidget and gesture, Panties was a bit relieved going to a lesbian supper club rather than any of the many straight spots in the neighborhood. Miss D commented on Panties’ lipstick which was several shades redder than she was used to. Panties handed over her lipsticks and before long Miss D and Miss R were applying Panties’ Cherries in the Snow to their soft, full lips. As you can imagine, both became intensely alluring as they drank and chatted. They didn’t seem to care that there were no men in the room to fully appreciate their flirty appeal.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Wear Your Bra"


Stay "dressed". Kiss your barbies. Do secretarial work. Write your poems. Wear your bra. These instructions from Miss D this morning. She was one of the guests at my Christmas Pageant which you can read back for full details. Miss B has rich, dark hair and sharp, cute features. Her lips are to the left. Miss B’s equally pretty mouth is to the right. They are watching me perform, either in my pink dress or my tutu. I never dreamed how things would evolve. It’s hard to predict where things will be in five years. She has a plan, though, and with Miss B’s blessings.
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