Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Rule

“From now on, whenever you meet a girl, especially a pretty girl, you are to tell her you are wearing panties within the first few minutes of the conversation. You don’t have to be weird about it, but you could mention, how happy you are about the panties you have on, and ask her where she buys her panties.”

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Miss BR

 Miss BR looks a little like this, only cuter, with shaggier hair and darker coloring. She’s only twenty, but has read many books already and has a breathy, soft voice that sounds both innocent and clever. She’ll stand in an oversize sweater and just the way she moves her shoulders makes you wish you could be her friend forever. But Miss D has other plans. Recently she and Miss C informed her thoroughly about who Panties really is. Miss D told her about Panties’ menstruation and date panties and how Panties had to recite panty poetry and dance in a tutu at her coming out party. (“And she doesn’t have a penis!” exclaimed Miss C.) Miss BR was delighted at the prospect of Panties in her Maid’s uniform scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees. She said with a whispery smile and to Miss D’s great amusement: “Who needs a vacuum cleaner, when you have Panties to crawl around picking up dirt?” She liked the idea of Panties wearing bloomers to keep her panties from showing when she bends over. (“Maybe a light blue, no, hot pink!”) Miss D told her she can use Panties however she wants and that Panties had been told to obey her. Most recently, Miss D spoke to Panties about some new rules: “From now on, whenever I come in the room, you are to curtsy or bow to me. You are to do the same with Miss C and Miss BR.” Panties cannot imagine how it is to be close to this interesting girl, what it is like to sit drinking wine, joking, and enjoying the company of this interesting girl. Instead she will learn to make her bed and cook her meals.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Rule

According to Miss D, her BFF Miss C is infatuated with Miss B whose ethereal trails reach from San Diego to Seattle. For Panties, her voice still echoes in the aisle where female incontinence products are sold. Recently Miss D revived the tradition: “New rule– from now on, when you ask for a squirt or have an accidental squirt, I’m going to ask you to drink lots of water and have a diaper squirt.” When she heard how Panties would have to put down newspaper and wait for the moment in the presence of Miss B, Miss D said, “I’d like to see that, too. You’re going to become a creature that’s part dog and part baby.”
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

White Wine

 Miss D was telling Miss BR how Panties wants to be a girl more than anything in the world, and since most girls are heterosexual she should be interested in all things penis including things you do to a penis if you are a girl with a healthy sex drive. Panties already has been taught what to think when she sees a dollop of mayo or a glass of white wine. Miss D knows what Panties has done in a hotel room when the only other body present was by no means female. She knows what Panties performed in a car parked in a desolate part of town for as little as five dollars. She declared prophetically that Panties would never kiss a girl again, and that she would be glad about it. Recently, Panties was minding her own business watching a gaggle of transvestites around the pool table. When she returned to the dance floor one of them followed her to chat. At the end of the night she offered Panties a ride back to where Miss D was staying. Miss D wasn’t home, but Panties declined to let her come in for a sissy nightcap (there was only red wine in the house). But she agreed to watch while the other sissy hiked up her skirt and pulled down her serious panties and pantihose and did what sissies love to do. Panties was shy about touching the forbidden flesh, but she submitted to resting her fingers and red nails lightly on the hairy wrist of her fellow sissy, causing a hot, white ejaculation which Panties was not quite quick enough to avoid.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kiss Here

 Panties is getting nudged away from her ideas about the textures, smells and pastel sounds of cuddling with a real girl. Although Miss D is a constant reminder of how dreamy, wonderful it is to be close to someone like her, Panties finds herself thinking about something closer to what a real girl feels, smells, tastes when she is intimate with the opposite sex. Miss D has been repetitively urging Panties to give up her silly ideas of ever trying to please a woman. She thinks it would be a crime against women for any one to find themselves in bed with a transvestite who sees her primarily as a vehicle for panties to be in motion. She is intrigued by some of the sissies who have written, however. She has no problem with the idea of a sissy lover, where each would get exactly what they want and what they deserve. Panties is already dreaming of her face right at the crotch panel of a pair of panties, wet and distended in the wrong places... This call for sissies might also involve housework and possibly even a loving relationship with Panties. But it’s first of all, about sissy bonding and helping Panties take her medicine.
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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Panties already experiencing PMS, remembers how she tried to impress Miss N, who instead of a kiss, gave Panties a bag of her old clothes with the clear understanding that Panties would put them to good use, meaning she would wear them. Most of the clothes were not very girly. There was a light blue and white striped shirt with buttons on the right, a white shirt trimmed with a blue sailor’s collar, and a pair of purple culottes. It’s almost as if Miss N were reluctant to fully endorse Panties’s transvestism. But at the bottom of the bag she sent a message which Panties took to heart: a white, lacy slip given to Miss N by her mother. This set the stage for Miss D’s interpretation of the garment as something Panties will wear in the presence of her lover, a transvestite, or even a m*n, after nonchalantly pulling off her dress or skirt and blouse and walking around as if there were no special intent. Panties no longer thinks about it being a female body under the slips she and her intimate friends wear. As her vocabulary is re-trained, the slip becomes an intense, light, ribbony, flirty world between skirts and panties, no longer just a garment a girl wears for mostly practical purposes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


 She knows the things that made Panties’ panties wet and is editing the list of what things will make her panties wet from now on. In place of breasts and vaginas she prefers Panties to get hot and bothered about Lifesize Barbie and dresses. She is getting Panties to see how erotic a withdrawal slip or a list of assignments can be. She wants to deepen Panties’ relationship with old lovers, including her transvestism, panties, and of course, other transvestites dressed in panties, bras, garterbelts, nylons and slips. She knows where Panties has been, including the space between these thighs, how she spent a few hours with her face getting to know that special sissy place, with her sissy thighs likewise being tickled by transvestite kisses. And she knows that no one made Panties dress herself and rendezvous in a motel near the airport. No one made Panties hike her skirt and parade herself in a women's undergarments. No one made her do things that would absolutely be considered "proper use of her mouth."
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oral Lessons

 Panties, very relieved that her period is over, is dressed in a pink bra and tan panties with light pantihose. She is wearing her yellow dress which Miss D helped her buy after Panties admired the yellow dress an actress was wearing on-stage. Panties is reviewing her lessons, how she is no longer allowed to freely drink red wine in Miss D’s presence and how Miss D’s BFF Miss C first scolded Panties for “using your mouth incorrectly,” which is how Miss D now refers as well to any utterance which is unbefitting a sissy transvestite, such as any complaint or opinion even, and more recently, any utterance at all without the necessary permission. Miss D doesn’t require Panties to moo the way Miss B liked, but Panties isn’t allowed to address Miss D without first asking, in a high, humble, voice, “May I speak, Miss D?” One morning when Panties neglected this protocol and had whined about some trivial matter, Miss D left Panties on her knees and returned a minute later with a tumbler of white wine and a penis straw. Panties had to sip the wine through the penis straw and then perform oral sex, noisily on the penis straw before drinking the rest of the white wine. Miss D was delighted: “This is for using your mouth improperly. From now on you won’t be able to drink white wine without thinking of male ejaculate. For you, white wine is cum. You are sexually aroused by white wine, because it reminds you of cum. You are sexually aroused by white wine because you had to drink through a penis straw and give the penis straw a blowjob.”
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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Panties, dressed in the same outfit as yesterday, but with a fresh pad, is learning her unique way of relating to women, even those who might be girl friends. She is learning that she isn't on an equal footing with any of these girls, having been bent over by a number of them simply because they ordered it. Panties remembers Carol, who made Panties bend down and kiss her feet. She knew Panties was menstruating and went around back for a better view. And Tasia, who is barely 20, dressed Panties in pink panties, garterbelt, nylons, and high heels under a glittery dress and had her kneel as would no other of her friends, on the bed. Miss J has had been entertained by Panties on her knees, displaying her unmentionables, and Miss B has often directed Panties into her “favorite position” which is also the best angle for administering a spanking. Miss D intends for Panties to be a proper lady, even as she commands her into an occasional un-lady-like, immodest pose.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sticky Thighs

Panties is dressed in her Pink Calvin Klein bra, Vanity Fair hipster panties, garter belt, seamed stockings, slip and high heels. She is wearing her Barbie bracelets and red lipstick and earrings. Last night she slept in her pink, nylon knee-length nightie with lace trim down the front, bra and panties and sanitary belt with napkin. Her period started late today but her flow is heavier than normal. She is feeling her menstrual discomfort (in her feet) but is comforted by the extra fullness in her panties. Miss D was amused hearing Miss B comment how Panties needs her napkin without which there is not much of any kind of bulge at all in her panties. Miss D is more reasonable than Miss B or Miss J who had Panties menstruating for 14 days or as punishment, 30 days which meant that Panties could only squirt one day during months with 31 days. Miss D still won’t allow Panties to squirt during her period, but Panties hopes that she might allow her to substitute any brand of modern pads for the belted sanitary napkins which Miss B and Miss J emphatically preferred. They also were very happy at the idea of Panties having to menstruate forever, unlike real women who get relief at menopause. Miss D has not commented on this.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miss D

She won't even let you touch her pretty knees.

She won't let you kiss her ear.

She might let you buy her a book.

She might let you pay her phone bill.

She doesn't like melon.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For R.A.

 A plush velvet Chesterfield becomes quite the occasion when one sits with bare legs and a skirt. Let’s not forget the bra and panties which one should take for granted by now. The nylons or pantihose, once (what is that pompous Latin expression that means something like, ‘obligatory’...? ) part of every outfit even on the hottest days, have yielded to a trial of spray-on pantihose, which is really just aerosol makeup for the legs. The greater expanse of flesh on fabric makes the idea of trousers as passé as say, one of those thick necked football commentators you see on television. If one browses the photography sites long enough one will find others who have posed on this couch.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Again

 The Return of Miss B

Miss B fades in like a ghost. She has been dreaming of rose macaroons, silver-dollar size chewy confections with a cream filling. Five years ago, she wrote:

Reply to:
Date: 2005-09-15, 3:50PM EDT

Seeking slave to serve three beautiful women
Your responsibilities will include clean our apartmen in a little French maid outfit, doing shopping and laundry our anything else our hearts desire.
Your reward will be permission to perform manicures and pedicures.
There is no sexual contact your pleasure will be fulfilling satisfying us.
You will be required to keep a written journal about your experience in our environment.
Strictly professional environment
this is in or around ____________. (Details on the shadow blog)
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls Night Out

 Miss R no longer thinks of Panties as other than a transvestite either in name or dress. Miss D has further programmed Panties to be less of a presence when she is allowed out with them. “You are no longer allowed to drink with us,” she said. “When we are drinking wine, you will have a glass of juice. You are not allowed to have opinions, except when I allow you to. And I will tell you what your opinions are.” Miss D and Miss B can enjoy their evenings with Panties sitting by as a demure, deferential, humble, polite, mostly silent sissy. At the end of the night Miss D and Miss B ignore the check, concentrating on enjoying each other’s company and friendship. Panties must be content with being that close to such achingly warm, pretty, cute, funny, smart girls, while no longer being free to engage them as would any of their peers, male or female.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Train Training

You won’t be jealous of my lover. You’ll be jealous of me as a girl who can have such a lover. Tonight I want you to ask a man for his phone number. You want a choice? Okay you can either ask a man for his phone number or you can do a pole dance. Now. I’m giving you a choice. You should be glad I’m giving you a choice. In the future when you don’t want to do something I’ve ordered I don’t want you to ask if you can do something else. You should just go ahead and do it and see if you are excused from doing the first. For example, if you don’t want to have to go out in your maid’s uniform you should go to the park and raise your skirt with your panties soiled with (strawberry) menstrual jelly. Then you just have to wait and see if I accept that or make you perform the original assignment as I ordered. Pole dance? Okay. Don’t be shy. That woman’s looking at you. But you should get used to it. (Laughs.) Hold that pose. Smile! Good job, Panties.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sissy Cramps

Panties will slip on her blue ankle length nylon nightie tonight with a white bra and white Vanity Fair bikini panties trimmed with lace at the waistband and the legholes. Panties will also wear her sanitary belt with a napkin and a pair of high heels which has been added to her menstrual routine. Whether or not Panties suffers her special kind of menstrual cramps, she will lie in her bed well aware of her time of the month. In the morning she will put on a fresh pad, sticky with menstrual jelly under her panties before dressing in her basic outfit of bra, panties, garterbelt, nylons, high heels, and earrings, rings and panties pendant.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sisterly Advice

Linda writes:

1. Regarding your periods, there is much more you could do to simulate the unpleasant sensations that go with them. One is to wear your bra in a tighter setting or wear the next size smaller. Same with panties. Glad to see you are being made to wear high heels at that time. There is also a concept called period simulation. You insert a fluid or ice cube in your sissy pussy that leaks out during the day. Better have a pad or tampon in place. If interested, I'll give you more specifics.

2. Glad to see Miss D is considering recruiting a playmate for you. Assuming this happens, you will be well on your way to experiencing what it's like to service another sissy. (A real man should come next!) Wonder who will do what to whom first? This should provide additional nails in the coffin regarding your expectation of dating a real woman in the future. Few women will consider giving the time of day to a sissy cocksucker.

3. Regarding the visit to the sex store, I was disappointed that you did not describe the full list of items purchased. I hope you were instructed to purchase two dildos, condoms (in colors), and small and medium sized butt plugs along with some lub. Perhaps a penis gag too for when you bring up inappropriate subjects or talk too much. The dildos and plugs will prepare your for your new sissy friend. I'm sure Miss D and her friends will enjoy giving you detailed feedback on how you are progressing with your cocksucking training. One approach is to tape the dildo to a table that is the height of your mouth when you are on your knees (the most likely cocksucking position). You can then practice placing the condom on the dildo before sucking it so as to get used to the latex taste. (I fully support safe sex for sissies.) If you wonder why I suggest two dildos, think about what you are using the butt plugs for. The second dildo comes next!

4. I think it would be nice if during each blog post you list the lingerie you are wearing as well as your outerwear. Please describe your panties in detail.

5. When you are permitted a sissy wanking (can't recall the exact term), I would love to hear your describe it, what you used (your plain hand, a discarded pair of Miss D's panties, etc.), your body's position, and who watched. (I hope you always have an audience!) You should always collect and eat your cum. Finally, you should report this in your blog whenever it takes place.

6. I believe Miss D has written elsewhere that she generally supports having sissies locked up. So why is yours still free? Do you have any piercings or sissy tattoos? Can we see pictures? I'm sure all your readers would like to see pics of you, not just your pantyhose covered rear as you kneel on the floor.

Hope you find my comments useful. - Linda

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Nails and Popcorn

Panties is accumulating hours and days of memories as a girl, being seen by the world as a girl and occasionally, as a transvestite, and occasionally as a sissy. Panties has seen three movies she won’t forget, first because they were excellent movies, but also because she was dressed in a bra and panties under her skirts and eating popcorn the way you do when you don’t want to mess your lipstick. Sitting in the front row you can put up your legs and show off your pretty red toenails, but you also have to worry about staying modest. At a late night showing of The Kids are Alright, Panties enjoyed watching the mother-lesbian-family-sex drama from the point of view of a female. She watched, fascinated by the opposite sex, how they bulldoze their way through the world in their drab heavy, practical shirts, and shoes, leaving the girls exasperated, flustered, and often charmed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Friend For Panties

Around a dozen transvestites have answered Miss B’s call. This was the first:

Hello my names bobbi & i'm a 48 yr. old sissy pantyboy. i've been a sissy since age 11 & love dress up in pretty girly things. I have worked as a maid & yes a cook also, i'd love to meet your girl & you.
please tell me what my next step is?

sissy bobbi

Then there was Christy, a petite, pretty gurl in a black slip-dress:

Well I am 5ft 5in tall and love being a fem sissy and so would love a real relationship with people that like a fem and be able to do all the things a true sissy gurl should do...

Panties was hoping she would work out, but Miss D says she has not been in contact, maybe scared off by this blog.

There were others, Sasha, Trish, Megan some looking for games, some not really understanding the nature of the position. (One demanded a photo and seemed to be negotiating rather than obeying). Panties hopes Miss D chooses Tristan:

I'm not looking for a one night stand... my hopes is becoming your property to be used and enjoyed by you at your wish and desire.. I wear panties and have lots of lingerie. i have nylons..garter... and i do own a car... i live -------... and getting to know your sissy intimately your sissy???? Yes is if this is what you desire..

About my experience... i'm a novice CD.. I have dressed, in panties since i was about 6 or 7, stealing my sister... Later in life i used my mom's and girlfriends.. since then i have bought my own and have many... i have been experimenting with dressing over the last couple of years...and have a about 8 dildos and use them all the time..

is this ok>>>

Panties is resisting less, the idea of never kissing a real girl again, but finding fulfillment and happiness with another transvestite sissy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Panty Training

“You like the marks left by the waistband when you pull down your panties. You like the label which is sometimes a loop of nylon and sometimes a flat tag.” Miss D was picking up the thread from Miss B about turning Panties’ brain into a pair of panties. (With a big box of popcorn and sitting with Miss C) Miss D had listened to Miss B’s lessons on how Panties should allow herself to turn into panties, how Panties should aspire to the oblivion of being a pair of panties lying on the bed, being a pair of panties fluttering to the feet of a pretty girl, being a pair of panties being hand-washed, being the various components of a pair of panties. She imagined a spelling bee where Panties would suffer a specific disadvantage: “The next word is “onomatopoeia.’” “P-A-N-T-I-E-S.” “I don’t think you heard me clearly, the word is ‘onomatopoeia.’” “P-A-N-T-I-E-S.” “I’m sorry, you’re going to have to sit down.” Or Panties would compete in a special spelling bee where she has to spell panty-related words: ‘Maidenform,’ ‘Vanity Fair,’ ‘Wacoal,’ ‘Vassarette,’ ‘leghole,’ ‘crotch panel...’” Miss D previewed Panties’ yoga training, how, dressed in a her pink leotard or unitard, she would concentrate on how her panties were stretched and contorted with each successive pose. Miss D lectured Panties on how to relate to her Barbies according to their panties: “You like how Surf Barbie wears swimsuit style panties. You like how Mika Barbie wears Hawaiian style panties.” This led into Miss D’s main lesson, teaching Panties her unique way of relating to women, including women she used to be attracted to: “When you walk into a room of girls you won’t be interested in the girls except as a reason for there to be panties in the room.” Panties was given an assignment involving two girls she had been dating most recently, Nealy and Lee. Panties’ homework was to write individual poems about their panties. Both girls would receive special pink envelopes one of these days, or perhaps be treated to a personal recital at Panties’ debutante soiree.

Monday, August 16, 2010


This morning Miss D set Panties to work scrubbing the floor and washing the dishes. She instructed Panties to work hard even on meaningless assignments. For example, even if room service were coming to clean the toilet, Panties may be asked to get down on her hands and knees to scrub the toilet and surrounding tiles. “I just like seeing you clean,” said Miss D gaily. After being served a fruit plate and cup of tea, she set about re-setting Panties’ mute button. She added a button just beneath the back clasp of Panties’ bra to silence Panties for an hour. One press of the lower button switches Panties to ultra-sissy voice. Two presses she re- programmed so that every other word spoken by Panties is “panties.” She had fun testing this command. (“This panties book panties is panties about panties...) Then she set everything to “voice activate” and reviewed the consequences if the voice feature should ever fails, forcing Miss D to have to manually press buttons.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Body Modification

After using her mouth improperly once too often, Panties has been fitted with a mute button on her lower back, just above the waistband of her bikini panties. When Miss D wants quiet, she simply calls out, “Panties, mute button!” Panties immediately falls silent and comes over, bending over slightly, as if for a spanking. Miss D can either lift her blouse or skirt and press the button, once, lightly, to switch her to ultra-sissy voice, or once, hard, to silence her for an hour. She can also snap the waistband of Panties’ panties as a warning. She hasn’t decided how to customize the settings, to set the duration of the mute, or to add functions, but for now if she presses the button twice, Panties is compelled to work the word “Panties” cleverly, into every sentence she utters. For example, if Panties wants permission to drink wine, she has to say, “May I please drink some wine to help me celebrate the panties I'm wearing?"

If Panties is ever slow to respond to the command, or if the button ever fails, Panties faces fines and having the mute button permanently tatooed onto her back. Miss D also mentioned having a second button installed just beneath the back of Panties’ bra, but she hasn’t decided how it would differ, if at all, from the one lower down.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of Us

Panties has been put to work intensively recently, shopping, cleaning, writing correspondence and cover letters for Miss D, acting as her travel agent, and helping prepare her for a move. Panties has learned her likes (as should all future aspiring Sissies For Miss D): home fries, agave syrup, feta cheese, dark chocolate, orange juice; and dislikes: raw onions, melons. This morning she served her an omelet with a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. She is responsible as well for Miss D’s meals she doesn’t herself prepare. Last Saturday she made reservations for Miss D and her friend, Miss KC at a restaurant downtown known for its view. Miss KC is the youngest of Miss D’s BFFs, but she’s spontaneous, funny, and super sharp. Like most girls who are barely legal, Miss KC is unimpressed by haute cuisine (although she is a creative and instinctive cook and likes to eat healthy) and expressed a preference for a spaghetti restaurant on the edge of town. It turned out to be a magical place with chandeliers, colored glass and great food and drink. The waitress was an pretty girl (rather Ellen Page pretty as opposed to Angelina Jolie pretty), originally from San Diego. Lowering her voice Miss D pointed at Panties and told her that tonight they were celebrating Panties’ embarking on the first steps toward her “change,” which caused the waitress to smile delightedly and hug Panties. Later she served Panties’ ice cream with a single candle in it. The next day, Miss D explained the milestone to Panties: “She didn’t know whether you had the operation or not, but she was welcoming you to the someone without a penis, of course. She saw you as someone she would never dream of having a sexual relationship with... Did you save the candle?”

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miss D's Diary

Panties has been serving in my new apartment. She's been a good girl cooking and cleaning and attending to my friends and me under a new set of rules. These rules were put into effect after she made several major errors yesterday. She whines about my demands for her obeisance. I told her she was using her mouth incorrectly. I told her she needs a personality change and served her a cup of chardonnay with a plastic penis straw in it and made her drink the wine while giving fellatio to the penis straw, imagining it was cum. From now on she will think of this whenever she drinks white wine. I told her she is no longer allowed to address me without asking first, "Miss D may I speak?" She also must ask permission for expressing any opinion. After implementing these rules, her behavior is much improved. I said to her, "Good job, Panties."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Painted Thief (...Continued)

The room was filled with over a dozen girls, all displaying an infidel’s immodesty of flesh. A mostly naked dancer sidled over to one of the men in the shadows, and after the briefest of exchanges, spread her legs and sat down on him, her huge breasts pressed into his face. Across the way, Miss D (the only Double-X girl in the room other than the bartender) watched Panties fend off the wandering hands of the man who had alighted beside her. Panties sent the man for drinks, which he interpreted as license to enjoy with his hands and fingers, what he had been admiring with his eyes. The pretty bartender had emphatically warned Panties about their cheap wine, but the $12 gin-and-tonic tasted harsh and chemically sweet. “You have beautiful hands,” said the man, trying to link fingers. He was even more in love with Panties’ legs. Panties looked over at Miss D who was texting on her cell. (You are a girl trying to please a man...) Panties shifted in her seat as the man’s hands crept up her thigh. Panties sat demurely, looking anxiously to Miss D who was chatting with another man while texting. (Lapdance...) Panties was led into the corner where her skirt was rucked up in the back and she was sat on the lap of her man. She tried to enjoy it as a girl would, eagerly moving her hips to please her man, but she was also aware she was wet, as was the floor in front of them after Panties began to touch her man the way a girl might, or more precisely, the way he would. Panties had expected the man to lose interest after ejaculation, but it was only after two more shots into the dark that he let her go.

A few seats away, Miss D had left her bag while she danced with one of her admirers. She was the prettiest creature in the room in her casual skirt and top, with little makeup, but dripping with the natural chemistry any of the gurls would kill for. She’s a trusting girl, too, which is why she makes friends wherever she goes. While she was on the floor, her purse was rifled and she lost her wallet containing her credit card and driver’s license, as well as a new, metallic-red, Lumix camera. The bar was closing, and one of her new friends implored her to party on at another bar that stayed open past dawn. We got out on the street and managed to charm a passing car to drive us to midtown where the driver, another man, joined us for a drink. That’s where we met Meghan and at least two other real girls. But that’s another story.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Painted Thief

When the air hangs heavy, with the dew point pushing 80, a can of spray-on pantihose is a girl’s best friend. The best way to put it on is standing fully dressed on a few sheets of newspaper and spraying your legs in short strokes of color. Miss D and Miss R sat in the hot darkness enjoying an after-theater drink and meal at an Irish pub not far from Madison Square Garden. The girls renewed their friendship, Miss D doing much of the talking and Miss R listening with that mix of gentle, friendly intelligence you rarely find in the city. Panties was reminded of her limited part of what might at first look to be three girls at a table in the garden– she could join in the conversation only up to the point where Miss D would cut her off with a look, or a firm “Panties!” when she was speaking in too many statements, rather than in submissive questions, or when she sounded anywhere close to relating to either girl as someone who might hope for something more than an air kiss or a girly hug at the end of the night. When Panties expressed an insufficiently modest opinion about the play, Miss D loudly suggested that Panties herself write a play about panties. Earlier Miss D had told Panties she should start looking forward to kissing a man which would in fact, not be a homosexual act, but simply a straight expression of feeling between a woman to a man. Later... long after midnight, Panties found herself silently following Miss D into a basement event filled with drab, shlubby men and hard-bodied girls in heavy makeup and short, tight outfits. Miss D instructed Panties to find a man and give him a lap dance. She left Panties sitting next to an elderly Asian girl and went to the ladies room. (Continued...)
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Art Project

Miss C informed Panties of a gallery opening where her drawings of Panties in various states of attire— progressing from full face semi-sissy without makeup or wig to diligent secretary in heels and pantihose, to ballerina, to cheerleader, to final state of pantied servitude: on her knees, scrubbing the floor in her maid’s uniform— would hang on the walls. Panties would be on display as well, along with her transvestite poetry beneath each painting. She will have done all the work (including purchasing all art supplies, gallery inquiries, publicity, refreshments), and if Miss C and Miss D were satisfied with the results, might be allowed to enjoy the party in a cocktail dress and high heels, carrying her sequined hot-pink purse, rather than in a short cocktail waitress skirt white blouse and apron, wearing low heels, silently scurrying about to tend to the needs of the guests. The paintings may be sold to a collector or museum as a narrative series, but you may be able to purchase some of the preliminary sketches if you ask Miss C politely.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like a Lady

Miss D and her BFF Miss C passed a sex store and purchased several items to help with Panties’ training. Miss C is most gentle and kind with her friends, but Panties has learned she doesn’t forgive quickly. She still remembers when Panties dared take liberties, commenting on one of her paintings. She was also upset over Panties’ insinuations when Miss D had generously permitted her to discuss books, not as a peer, but on a level more advanced than Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. Fingering a pack of colorful Penis Straws they had bought, Miss C explained to Panties that she would not always be allowed to touch her lips to the cups and glasses Miss C and Miss D and their friends drank from, that when Panties spoke the wrong way she would immediately have one of the penis straws popped in her mouth. Said Miss C: “When you do something bad with your mouth, you’ll have to use that straw. So you’re going to be very careful with your how you use your mouth, won’t you, in the future, Miss Panties?"
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