Sunday, October 31, 2010


Panties already experiencing PMS, remembers how she tried to impress Miss N, who instead of a kiss, gave Panties a bag of her old clothes with the clear understanding that Panties would put them to good use, meaning she would wear them. Most of the clothes were not very girly. There was a light blue and white striped shirt with buttons on the right, a white shirt trimmed with a blue sailor’s collar, and a pair of purple culottes. It’s almost as if Miss N were reluctant to fully endorse Panties’s transvestism. But at the bottom of the bag she sent a message which Panties took to heart: a white, lacy slip given to Miss N by her mother. This set the stage for Miss D’s interpretation of the garment as something Panties will wear in the presence of her lover, a transvestite, or even a m*n, after nonchalantly pulling off her dress or skirt and blouse and walking around as if there were no special intent. Panties no longer thinks about it being a female body under the slips she and her intimate friends wear. As her vocabulary is re-trained, the slip becomes an intense, light, ribbony, flirty world between skirts and panties, no longer just a garment a girl wears for mostly practical purposes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


 She knows the things that made Panties’ panties wet and is editing the list of what things will make her panties wet from now on. In place of breasts and vaginas she prefers Panties to get hot and bothered about Lifesize Barbie and dresses. She is getting Panties to see how erotic a withdrawal slip or a list of assignments can be. She wants to deepen Panties’ relationship with old lovers, including her transvestism, panties, and of course, other transvestites dressed in panties, bras, garterbelts, nylons and slips. She knows where Panties has been, including the space between these thighs, how she spent a few hours with her face getting to know that special sissy place, with her sissy thighs likewise being tickled by transvestite kisses. And she knows that no one made Panties dress herself and rendezvous in a motel near the airport. No one made Panties hike her skirt and parade herself in a women's undergarments. No one made her do things that would absolutely be considered "proper use of her mouth."
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oral Lessons

 Panties, very relieved that her period is over, is dressed in a pink bra and tan panties with light pantihose. She is wearing her yellow dress which Miss D helped her buy after Panties admired the yellow dress an actress was wearing on-stage. Panties is reviewing her lessons, how she is no longer allowed to freely drink red wine in Miss D’s presence and how Miss D’s BFF Miss C first scolded Panties for “using your mouth incorrectly,” which is how Miss D now refers as well to any utterance which is unbefitting a sissy transvestite, such as any complaint or opinion even, and more recently, any utterance at all without the necessary permission. Miss D doesn’t require Panties to moo the way Miss B liked, but Panties isn’t allowed to address Miss D without first asking, in a high, humble, voice, “May I speak, Miss D?” One morning when Panties neglected this protocol and had whined about some trivial matter, Miss D left Panties on her knees and returned a minute later with a tumbler of white wine and a penis straw. Panties had to sip the wine through the penis straw and then perform oral sex, noisily on the penis straw before drinking the rest of the white wine. Miss D was delighted: “This is for using your mouth improperly. From now on you won’t be able to drink white wine without thinking of male ejaculate. For you, white wine is cum. You are sexually aroused by white wine, because it reminds you of cum. You are sexually aroused by white wine because you had to drink through a penis straw and give the penis straw a blowjob.”
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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Panties, dressed in the same outfit as yesterday, but with a fresh pad, is learning her unique way of relating to women, even those who might be girl friends. She is learning that she isn't on an equal footing with any of these girls, having been bent over by a number of them simply because they ordered it. Panties remembers Carol, who made Panties bend down and kiss her feet. She knew Panties was menstruating and went around back for a better view. And Tasia, who is barely 20, dressed Panties in pink panties, garterbelt, nylons, and high heels under a glittery dress and had her kneel as would no other of her friends, on the bed. Miss J has had been entertained by Panties on her knees, displaying her unmentionables, and Miss B has often directed Panties into her “favorite position” which is also the best angle for administering a spanking. Miss D intends for Panties to be a proper lady, even as she commands her into an occasional un-lady-like, immodest pose.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sticky Thighs

Panties is dressed in her Pink Calvin Klein bra, Vanity Fair hipster panties, garter belt, seamed stockings, slip and high heels. She is wearing her Barbie bracelets and red lipstick and earrings. Last night she slept in her pink, nylon knee-length nightie with lace trim down the front, bra and panties and sanitary belt with napkin. Her period started late today but her flow is heavier than normal. She is feeling her menstrual discomfort (in her feet) but is comforted by the extra fullness in her panties. Miss D was amused hearing Miss B comment how Panties needs her napkin without which there is not much of any kind of bulge at all in her panties. Miss D is more reasonable than Miss B or Miss J who had Panties menstruating for 14 days or as punishment, 30 days which meant that Panties could only squirt one day during months with 31 days. Miss D still won’t allow Panties to squirt during her period, but Panties hopes that she might allow her to substitute any brand of modern pads for the belted sanitary napkins which Miss B and Miss J emphatically preferred. They also were very happy at the idea of Panties having to menstruate forever, unlike real women who get relief at menopause. Miss D has not commented on this.
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