Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sissy Cramps

Panties will slip on her blue ankle length nylon nightie tonight with a white bra and white Vanity Fair bikini panties trimmed with lace at the waistband and the legholes. Panties will also wear her sanitary belt with a napkin and a pair of high heels which has been added to her menstrual routine. Whether or not Panties suffers her special kind of menstrual cramps, she will lie in her bed well aware of her time of the month. In the morning she will put on a fresh pad, sticky with menstrual jelly under her panties before dressing in her basic outfit of bra, panties, garterbelt, nylons, high heels, and earrings, rings and panties pendant.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sisterly Advice

Linda writes:

1. Regarding your periods, there is much more you could do to simulate the unpleasant sensations that go with them. One is to wear your bra in a tighter setting or wear the next size smaller. Same with panties. Glad to see you are being made to wear high heels at that time. There is also a concept called period simulation. You insert a fluid or ice cube in your sissy pussy that leaks out during the day. Better have a pad or tampon in place. If interested, I'll give you more specifics.

2. Glad to see Miss D is considering recruiting a playmate for you. Assuming this happens, you will be well on your way to experiencing what it's like to service another sissy. (A real man should come next!) Wonder who will do what to whom first? This should provide additional nails in the coffin regarding your expectation of dating a real woman in the future. Few women will consider giving the time of day to a sissy cocksucker.

3. Regarding the visit to the sex store, I was disappointed that you did not describe the full list of items purchased. I hope you were instructed to purchase two dildos, condoms (in colors), and small and medium sized butt plugs along with some lub. Perhaps a penis gag too for when you bring up inappropriate subjects or talk too much. The dildos and plugs will prepare your for your new sissy friend. I'm sure Miss D and her friends will enjoy giving you detailed feedback on how you are progressing with your cocksucking training. One approach is to tape the dildo to a table that is the height of your mouth when you are on your knees (the most likely cocksucking position). You can then practice placing the condom on the dildo before sucking it so as to get used to the latex taste. (I fully support safe sex for sissies.) If you wonder why I suggest two dildos, think about what you are using the butt plugs for. The second dildo comes next!

4. I think it would be nice if during each blog post you list the lingerie you are wearing as well as your outerwear. Please describe your panties in detail.

5. When you are permitted a sissy wanking (can't recall the exact term), I would love to hear your describe it, what you used (your plain hand, a discarded pair of Miss D's panties, etc.), your body's position, and who watched. (I hope you always have an audience!) You should always collect and eat your cum. Finally, you should report this in your blog whenever it takes place.

6. I believe Miss D has written elsewhere that she generally supports having sissies locked up. So why is yours still free? Do you have any piercings or sissy tattoos? Can we see pictures? I'm sure all your readers would like to see pics of you, not just your pantyhose covered rear as you kneel on the floor.

Hope you find my comments useful. - Linda

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Nails and Popcorn

Panties is accumulating hours and days of memories as a girl, being seen by the world as a girl and occasionally, as a transvestite, and occasionally as a sissy. Panties has seen three movies she won’t forget, first because they were excellent movies, but also because she was dressed in a bra and panties under her skirts and eating popcorn the way you do when you don’t want to mess your lipstick. Sitting in the front row you can put up your legs and show off your pretty red toenails, but you also have to worry about staying modest. At a late night showing of The Kids are Alright, Panties enjoyed watching the mother-lesbian-family-sex drama from the point of view of a female. She watched, fascinated by the opposite sex, how they bulldoze their way through the world in their drab heavy, practical shirts, and shoes, leaving the girls exasperated, flustered, and often charmed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Friend For Panties

Around a dozen transvestites have answered Miss B’s call. This was the first:

Hello my names bobbi & i'm a 48 yr. old sissy pantyboy. i've been a sissy since age 11 & love dress up in pretty girly things. I have worked as a maid & yes a cook also, i'd love to meet your girl & you.
please tell me what my next step is?

sissy bobbi

Then there was Christy, a petite, pretty gurl in a black slip-dress:

Well I am 5ft 5in tall and love being a fem sissy and so would love a real relationship with people that like a fem and be able to do all the things a true sissy gurl should do...

Panties was hoping she would work out, but Miss D says she has not been in contact, maybe scared off by this blog.

There were others, Sasha, Trish, Megan some looking for games, some not really understanding the nature of the position. (One demanded a photo and seemed to be negotiating rather than obeying). Panties hopes Miss D chooses Tristan:

I'm not looking for a one night stand... my hopes is becoming your property to be used and enjoyed by you at your wish and desire.. I wear panties and have lots of lingerie. i have nylons..garter... and i do own a car... i live -------... and getting to know your sissy intimately your sissy???? Yes is if this is what you desire..

About my experience... i'm a novice CD.. I have dressed, in panties since i was about 6 or 7, stealing my sister... Later in life i used my mom's and girlfriends.. since then i have bought my own and have many... i have been experimenting with dressing over the last couple of years...and have a about 8 dildos and use them all the time..

is this ok>>>

Panties is resisting less, the idea of never kissing a real girl again, but finding fulfillment and happiness with another transvestite sissy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Panty Training

“You like the marks left by the waistband when you pull down your panties. You like the label which is sometimes a loop of nylon and sometimes a flat tag.” Miss D was picking up the thread from Miss B about turning Panties’ brain into a pair of panties. (With a big box of popcorn and sitting with Miss C) Miss D had listened to Miss B’s lessons on how Panties should allow herself to turn into panties, how Panties should aspire to the oblivion of being a pair of panties lying on the bed, being a pair of panties fluttering to the feet of a pretty girl, being a pair of panties being hand-washed, being the various components of a pair of panties. She imagined a spelling bee where Panties would suffer a specific disadvantage: “The next word is “onomatopoeia.’” “P-A-N-T-I-E-S.” “I don’t think you heard me clearly, the word is ‘onomatopoeia.’” “P-A-N-T-I-E-S.” “I’m sorry, you’re going to have to sit down.” Or Panties would compete in a special spelling bee where she has to spell panty-related words: ‘Maidenform,’ ‘Vanity Fair,’ ‘Wacoal,’ ‘Vassarette,’ ‘leghole,’ ‘crotch panel...’” Miss D previewed Panties’ yoga training, how, dressed in a her pink leotard or unitard, she would concentrate on how her panties were stretched and contorted with each successive pose. Miss D lectured Panties on how to relate to her Barbies according to their panties: “You like how Surf Barbie wears swimsuit style panties. You like how Mika Barbie wears Hawaiian style panties.” This led into Miss D’s main lesson, teaching Panties her unique way of relating to women, including women she used to be attracted to: “When you walk into a room of girls you won’t be interested in the girls except as a reason for there to be panties in the room.” Panties was given an assignment involving two girls she had been dating most recently, Nealy and Lee. Panties’ homework was to write individual poems about their panties. Both girls would receive special pink envelopes one of these days, or perhaps be treated to a personal recital at Panties’ debutante soiree.

Monday, August 16, 2010


This morning Miss D set Panties to work scrubbing the floor and washing the dishes. She instructed Panties to work hard even on meaningless assignments. For example, even if room service were coming to clean the toilet, Panties may be asked to get down on her hands and knees to scrub the toilet and surrounding tiles. “I just like seeing you clean,” said Miss D gaily. After being served a fruit plate and cup of tea, she set about re-setting Panties’ mute button. She added a button just beneath the back clasp of Panties’ bra to silence Panties for an hour. One press of the lower button switches Panties to ultra-sissy voice. Two presses she re- programmed so that every other word spoken by Panties is “panties.” She had fun testing this command. (“This panties book panties is panties about panties...) Then she set everything to “voice activate” and reviewed the consequences if the voice feature should ever fails, forcing Miss D to have to manually press buttons.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Body Modification

After using her mouth improperly once too often, Panties has been fitted with a mute button on her lower back, just above the waistband of her bikini panties. When Miss D wants quiet, she simply calls out, “Panties, mute button!” Panties immediately falls silent and comes over, bending over slightly, as if for a spanking. Miss D can either lift her blouse or skirt and press the button, once, lightly, to switch her to ultra-sissy voice, or once, hard, to silence her for an hour. She can also snap the waistband of Panties’ panties as a warning. She hasn’t decided how to customize the settings, to set the duration of the mute, or to add functions, but for now if she presses the button twice, Panties is compelled to work the word “Panties” cleverly, into every sentence she utters. For example, if Panties wants permission to drink wine, she has to say, “May I please drink some wine to help me celebrate the panties I'm wearing?"

If Panties is ever slow to respond to the command, or if the button ever fails, Panties faces fines and having the mute button permanently tatooed onto her back. Miss D also mentioned having a second button installed just beneath the back of Panties’ bra, but she hasn’t decided how it would differ, if at all, from the one lower down.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of Us

Panties has been put to work intensively recently, shopping, cleaning, writing correspondence and cover letters for Miss D, acting as her travel agent, and helping prepare her for a move. Panties has learned her likes (as should all future aspiring Sissies For Miss D): home fries, agave syrup, feta cheese, dark chocolate, orange juice; and dislikes: raw onions, melons. This morning she served her an omelet with a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea. She is responsible as well for Miss D’s meals she doesn’t herself prepare. Last Saturday she made reservations for Miss D and her friend, Miss KC at a restaurant downtown known for its view. Miss KC is the youngest of Miss D’s BFFs, but she’s spontaneous, funny, and super sharp. Like most girls who are barely legal, Miss KC is unimpressed by haute cuisine (although she is a creative and instinctive cook and likes to eat healthy) and expressed a preference for a spaghetti restaurant on the edge of town. It turned out to be a magical place with chandeliers, colored glass and great food and drink. The waitress was an pretty girl (rather Ellen Page pretty as opposed to Angelina Jolie pretty), originally from San Diego. Lowering her voice Miss D pointed at Panties and told her that tonight they were celebrating Panties’ embarking on the first steps toward her “change,” which caused the waitress to smile delightedly and hug Panties. Later she served Panties’ ice cream with a single candle in it. The next day, Miss D explained the milestone to Panties: “She didn’t know whether you had the operation or not, but she was welcoming you to the sisterhood...as someone without a penis, of course. She saw you as someone she would never dream of having a sexual relationship with... Did you save the candle?”

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miss D's Diary

Panties has been serving in my new apartment. She's been a good girl cooking and cleaning and attending to my friends and me under a new set of rules. These rules were put into effect after she made several major errors yesterday. She whines about my demands for her obeisance. I told her she was using her mouth incorrectly. I told her she needs a personality change and served her a cup of chardonnay with a plastic penis straw in it and made her drink the wine while giving fellatio to the penis straw, imagining it was cum. From now on she will think of this whenever she drinks white wine. I told her she is no longer allowed to address me without asking first, "Miss D may I speak?" She also must ask permission for expressing any opinion. After implementing these rules, her behavior is much improved. I said to her, "Good job, Panties."