Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girl Friends

 Miss D’s cold was just peaking, but she braved the mounds of snow to see a show with Miss B. She had on a red beret which makes her complexion look radiant and a bit Parisian. Panties was allowed to come along and enjoyed being in range of their friendship. Miss D is slightly protective of Miss B who is taller, but still spontaneous and given to looks and moves girls lose when they decide the world is not as nice as they thought. They liked the play, sipping hot chocolate at intermission then getting a bite to eat afterwards. Miss D had comfort food: French toast with ice cream. Miss B wanted an “egg in the basket” which the chef in the kitchen interpreted satisfactorily. They talked about Twiggy, lovers and love as well as leggings versus pantihose and other aspects of girl world. Miss D suggested Miss B accompany Panties to the ladies room to take her picture. Panties took one of Miss B who has these amazing amazed, eyebrows that make her big eyes look as if she were seeing God. Afterwards, walking in the cold, Miss B told a cautionary story about pot brownies, which can be deceptively potent. She had been warned, but she ate the whole of one small square and soon was unable to complete a sentence. She had been planning to see a band, but her friend lay her down to sleep it off, which is how girls take care of each other.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011


 Panties envies Miss D’s friends mostly for being allowed to relate to her as equals. They don’t have to curtsy whenever they enter the room, or ask permission to speak or go outside. They don’t have to fall silent or touch their noses to the floor when she commands. But her BFFs benefit from her “What’s mine is yours” generosity which is guileless and automatic. Her friends have been told that they can use Panties as they like. Panties is required to buy holiday and birthday presents for Miss D’s friends and family and when Miss BR was excited about an unexpected Christmas present, Miss D insisted that Panties take credit for the gift, even though it was by her training that Panties acted. Panties knows Miss C’s birthday and likes and dislikes, and when she brings her apples, oranges, bananas, chocolate, fresh squeezed orange juice or wine or even a vacuum cleaner or a coffee maker, Miss C barely feels obliged to acknowledge the presents, much less bothering to thank her. (Although she might, just because she is naturally so considerate and polite.) Standing with Miss D on a seaside cliff recently, one sunny day, she thought ahead of a household one day where Panties would be permanently installed as their maid, secretary and servant. Miss D reminded Panties that she would be on duty even when she is out on her own (if she is allowed out on her own) with the unspoken assumption that Panties would not be allowed holidays, days off or even a moment, ever, when she mustn’t drop everything and hurry to attend to whatever whim Miss D and her friends might express. They also mentioned that Panties might be tasked with finding another sissy to share her duties and serve their endless needs. (And also because, as Miss D put it, “everyone needs some warmth and flesh-to-flesh contact," although in Panties' case, it would be "sissy flesh.”)
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Panties' Saturday Night

The main issue is you keep me awake thinking of ways to punish you. I want you punished before I see you next, and I want a record of it. Also, have Surf Barbie tell me what fines can be tied to complaining or making rude opinions; we've already discussed in-person fines.

Your punishment for voicing an opinion about my response to the Linda comments is to whip yourself with the pink whip while wearing the ruffled dress...and you will record it and send it to me. You have until Sunday night or you will be fined severely, And asked to do this for all the other assignments below.

Your punishment for making a negative assumption about my judgment is to have a diaper squirt while wearing the yellow dress...which you will record as much as possible of this and email it to me by Sunday night.

Your punishment for complaining about finances is to stand in a corner under a plant or holding a plant on top of your head for 30 minutes while wearing your black ball gown...filming this and emailing it by Sunday night of course.

And your punishment for suggesting your own needs take precedence over mine in a recent email is to yell out the window, "I wear Panties" while wearing your ruffled dress...and filming this and emailing it to me by Sunday night.

Your combined punishment for positing negativity about the seminar and for misunderstanding my directions about adding TASP to the calendar and flight info listed on the same document is to wear your girl jeans and sweater and girl boots and repeat over and over: "I am a petite girl" this carefully and send it to me by Sunday night.

You have a busy weekend, and of course I'll watch these videos and this will be part of your formal training. NO COMPLAINTS OR EXCUSES ABOUT THIS. GO! CANCEL ANY PLANS IF THESE TASKS DON'T FIT INTO YOUR PLANS...and of course for added humility, it is okay to have an assistant help you film...or you can just set the camera on a tripod.

Now I should sleep better,


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Death of a Transvestite

 Miss D surprised Panties with another present: a softcover copy of “Death of a Transvestite,” by Ed Wood. She explained that since she had noticed Panties surfing on-line without permission, she was hereby forbidding Panties’ reading anything non-sissy. And here she was adding to Panties’ collection of sissy literature which she intended eventually to be all Panties would be allowed to read. Panties read the first chapter which was an account of a self-aware transvestite on death row:

“The foremost thought in any honest transvestite’s mind is to die in female attire...And to be buried in such clothes...a blouse, a soft cardigan sweater, a skirt, high-heeled shoes and the proper undies.”

Note the cardigan sweater. According to the photo on the back, Ed Wood had delicate features reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who also wore women’s clothes in his college years. After a photo was published of him in drag for a college review, he was offered a job as a female impersonator. He also wore a dress (as a “prank”) to a dance at the University of Minnesota. It’s unclear what he wore under his skirts, or what fantasies he might have entertained involving an electric chair. Transvestites might consider, as a less-lethal experience and as an alternative to novocaine, a visit to the dentist in a skirt or dress and high heels. Maybe a female dentist for her gentle touch if not her creativity. Sissies, of course, should barely care how her breast presses into the side of your face She will get some of your lipstick, or lipgloss on her gloves and she may smell your perfume. You actually might enjoy the the needle, gripping the hem of your skirt, pressing your legs, (in pantihose) together, or squirming in the chair as the drill starts up–
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Five Dresses

 “I want you to fall in love with this dress...develop a relationship...make love to it. Then one day I’ll cut it to pieces before you. You’ll get angry, no, you won’t get angry, you’ll just get really, really upset and you’ll cry. So enjoy her because one day she will be taken away from you forever.”
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Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

 Panties had a wonderful and special holiday starting with a gift bag from Miss D filled with credit card receipts charged to Panties' account. Panties was also given a bracelet of dark marbles to match her long black dress (which she is to fall in love with tragically). On Christmas Day Panties fixed breakfast for Miss D and spent the rest of the day vacuuming the floors and carpets and doing a giant pile of laundry. Panties was hoping not to have to spend the first day of the New Year menstruating, but Miss D declined to shift Panties’ cycle, preferring it to be regular, as are Panties’ special pleasures which are only allowed on Sundays (but never when Miss D is anywhere in the house). So a little after midnight of the New Year Panties dressed herself in her pad and belt under her panties and nightie. The next morning, the sticky red in her panties notified Panties of big changes to come in the new year.
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