Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

 Panties had a wonderful and special holiday starting with a gift bag from Miss D filled with credit card receipts charged to Panties' account. Panties was also given a bracelet of dark marbles to match her long black dress (which she is to fall in love with tragically). On Christmas Day Panties fixed breakfast for Miss D and spent the rest of the day vacuuming the floors and carpets and doing a giant pile of laundry. Panties was hoping not to have to spend the first day of the New Year menstruating, but Miss D declined to shift Panties’ cycle, preferring it to be regular, as are Panties’ special pleasures which are only allowed on Sundays (but never when Miss D is anywhere in the house). So a little after midnight of the New Year Panties dressed herself in her pad and belt under her panties and nightie. The next morning, the sticky red in her panties notified Panties of big changes to come in the new year.
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meccio said...

Falling in love with a long black dress, then to only show the bracelet? Talk about teasing.

I know we're all paranoid about giving ourselves away online, but it needn't be identifiable. Just show us the cut, show us how it hangs off your sissy self.

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