Saturday, January 8, 2011

Death of a Transvestite

 Miss D surprised Panties with another present: a softcover copy of “Death of a Transvestite,” by Ed Wood. She explained that since she had noticed Panties surfing on-line without permission, she was hereby forbidding Panties’ reading anything non-sissy. And here she was adding to Panties’ collection of sissy literature which she intended eventually to be all Panties would be allowed to read. Panties read the first chapter which was an account of a self-aware transvestite on death row:

“The foremost thought in any honest transvestite’s mind is to die in female attire...And to be buried in such clothes...a blouse, a soft cardigan sweater, a skirt, high-heeled shoes and the proper undies.”

Note the cardigan sweater. According to the photo on the back, Ed Wood had delicate features reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who also wore women’s clothes in his college years. After a photo was published of him in drag for a college review, he was offered a job as a female impersonator. He also wore a dress (as a “prank”) to a dance at the University of Minnesota. It’s unclear what he wore under his skirts, or what fantasies he might have entertained involving an electric chair. Transvestites might consider, as a less-lethal experience and as an alternative to novocaine, a visit to the dentist in a skirt or dress and high heels. Maybe a female dentist for her gentle touch if not her creativity. Sissies, of course, should barely care how her breast presses into the side of your face She will get some of your lipstick, or lipgloss on her gloves and she may smell your perfume. You actually might enjoy the the needle, gripping the hem of your skirt, pressing your legs, (in pantihose) together, or squirming in the chair as the drill starts up–
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Linda said...

This is a really strange post. I can understand the first part, but the latter paragraph mentioning F. Scott Fitzgerald and the dentist have simply lost me.

I wonder if there is a way to modify a browser so it can only bring up pages that have been bookmarked. If those are sissy pages, then Panties would not be able to surf anywhere else.