Saturday, April 17, 2010

Never Again

For variety, Miss C sometimes calls her “Miss Panties,” and “Eunuch.” Miss D sometimes addresses her as “Sissy!” Miss J liked to use "Transvestite," and "Pantyfreak" as names. Recently Miss D and Miss C were in a car with Panties discussing their various ways of addressing her. Miss D turned to Panties and said teasingly, “What counts is what we never call you any more. Do you want to hear? Shall I spell it out for you?” There was a pause as it sunk in how long ago it had been since Panties had been referred to by anything but a sissy name. From the back seat Miss C shouted out the spelling of the discarded, costume name.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Panties sat with her feet soaking in the whirlpool. She shifted in the chair to keep her knees pressed together. The Vietnamese girl was enjoying this job and Panties knew she would have much to tell the other girls if Panties’ legs drifted apart. Panties had almost worn her girl jeans, but had chosen a light weight skirt which was almost a slip, (according to Miss D). Panties thought the pink polka dots and the sequined hem were too pretty for it to be underwear. Panties chose a nail color to match. After her manicure and pedicure, Panties accompanied Miss D to Miss CY’s house where she would attend meticulously to both girls’ feet.
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Friday, April 2, 2010


 Panties started a little late this month. Miss D hasn’t yet influenced Panties’ period to coincide with hers, but she did let Panties know who is the alpha female. She left a pair of Panties’ panties in the kitchen with the white cotton crotch spotted with hot sauce and a message: “If I should have to feel discomfort, you should too.”
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