Tuesday, November 24, 2009



The reason Panties had such hopes for Miss C was her initial hesitancy, almost to the point of inarticulation, about directly benefitting from Miss D’s program. “You get the best of both worlds,” she once said. “You get to serve (Miss D) and it's almost like working with me, in a way, once in a while, while serving (Miss D) as your main trainer.” The implication though, was an invitation to some non-sissy relationship.

This week Miss C spelled Miss D and impressed upon Panties just how thoughtful a friend Miss C could be. “I want you to put on a white or light colored skirt,” she began, “Then I want you to go to your refrigerator and take a spoonful of strawberry jam and smear it on the back of your skirt. Then you’re going to go like that to your local health food store...” Miss C is very knowledgeable about holistic remedies and recommended several herbal remedies for Panties’ cramps, which she would discuss candidly with the store personnel, perhaps a sympathetic female clerk. Panties’ period is not for another week at least but she would understand the inconvenience and embarrassment when her body decides when to remind Panties of her womanhood.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Six Months


Miss B’s training had been less subtle, but extremely effective. As the walls closed in around her, Panties would find her escape routes barred with Miss B’s training which she had fashioned around a devastating lexicon. Apart from her Barbie dolls, posters, toothpaste, sheets, quilt, clock, and clothing, apart from menstruation and the expectation of her coming out parties and wedding, Panties could no longer refer to herself as a m*n (the opposite sex), or use the personal pronoun, having become in multiple senses, “Panties,” which was both thing-like and super sissy reminder. Her wenis and vagina had been named and she had become reeducated as to the meanings of “squirt,” “flesh-to-flesh,” “getting wet,” and “opposite sex.” Miss D has added to Panties’ personal vocabulary: “manners,” “humble,” “debutante,” with her precise diction giving new spin to essentials like “panties,” and “transvestite.” Again Panties becomes aware of the bars forming around her world with a new front opening to the west as Miss C adds her distinctive sensibility. She has already described the petticoat she wants Panties to wear under her debutante dress, and more recently asked Panties to purchase a pair of bloomers. “You’ll wear this so you don’t show your panties, when you’re bending over or cleaning on your hands and knees,” she said sweetly.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rago Panty Girdle


Miss D and Miss C are both very generous girls, which is part of their eco-liberal-idealistic makeup. Panties envies their boyfriends and friends who also benefit from their penumbra of kindnesses. As BFFs, though, Miss D and Miss C’s mutual care is something Panties can only sigh and admire from a distance. When Miss C received a $50 gift certificate, she immediately thought to share it with Miss D. Half of it. They know each others sizes and are always on the look out for something the other might like whether at Victoria’s Secret or Whole Foods. They share ideas and intimacies and hopes and worries. It was only a matter of time before Panties was offered to Miss C on a much more than loaner basis. She was embarrassed how quickly she learned Panties’ most private secrets, forshadowing Miss D’s remark about what Panties might have under her panties. Miss C made a face, a little like something a little rank had appeared before her, and said: “I don’t imagine anything sexual down there at all. To me, (Panties) is like a eunuch.” And soon after Miss D wrote Panties about wearing a flesh-colored leotard so she could “truly look like a eunuch.” This made Panties remember her days of girdle training when she would have to flatten out beneath the punishing grip of her long-leg panty girdle with its crotch panel sewn up with pink thread to frustrate any kind of easy access and making the simple act of visiting the ladies room an athletic event.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two Maids


Miss D followed the girly comments to Jeanie Love Jones and watched a bunch of her videos cleaning house. She loved the cute maid’s dress and the shot of her with a feather duster and down on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Miss D She thought it might be nice if Panties and Jeanie were working side-by-side someday. “Maybe she can be your girlfriend,” she mused. Miss D wouldn’t commit as to whether she meant girl friend, or girlfriend. The idea of Panties and Jeanie at the beck and call of two pretty girls is pinkening like a sunrise. http://crossdressersdiary.blogspot.com/?zx
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two-headed Trainer


“I don’t keep much from (Miss C),” said Miss D. “When one of us gets an idea we take it and it goes back and forth until it is really (becomes huge).” Panties had not accounted for the combined power of two girls together. Miss J and Miss B had teamed up, but they were never that close. Miss D and Miss C were close to the extent that each would consider the other before spending a gift certificate on themselves. And rather than Miss C being the one to defend Panties from sissyhood, it had become clear Miss C could be as serious as Miss D. Especially when something Miss C said appeared in Panties’ personal lexicon. An email from Miss D: “Don't you already have a leotard? Or do you want a flesh colored one so that you undress and truly look like a eunuch?”
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuscan Kitchen

Panties has been searching for a new residence for herself and Miss D. Miss D informed Panties that Panties' current residence has too many m*nly reminders, and is too small. To ameliorate these issues, Miss D is sending Miss C to Panties current residence (which Miss D often refers to as her own) to burn any m*nly articles Miss D finds distasteful. Meanwhile Panties and her barbies are fielding many messages about properties for sale. Miss D has explained that the kitchen must be large, shiny, and bright--perhaps tiled with a mosaic behind the stove, stone floors, and marbleized counters--reminiscent of Tuscany. The kitchen is very important says Miss D, as that is where Panties will be spending most of her time.

Two Amused Girls


Dear Miss Panties,

Thank you for your sweet e-mail. I am writing in order to express my pleasure in your performance. You are adequately listening to my needs, the mark of a good woman. Thanks for the (second) floral bra. Congratulations on your success as a society woman. You give excellent gifts, which I have received. By the way, we now have matching panties. I could not resist the pink polka dots and lace. Your duties as a maid, secretary, and rising womanhood is not going unnoticed. I am delighted to hear that you are dedicated to your training, which is not a game. I imagine the pink scarf accented your attire quite elegantly. D may have informed you that we have our eyes on a hot-pink gown that would flatter you and could be your debutante gown... We have been listening to the tape and finding delight in it. Please do not worry about whether I think it is abuse or not. You asked for the training, therefore it is not abuse. With that in mind, I am honored to train you to be the best woman you can be.

With love,

V.P. C
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Friday, November 13, 2009

EMail From Miss C


E-Mail From Miss C

Miss D and I have been discussing our roles with you. It appears that we all have matching undergarments, hence I must be a co-trainer in the event that D is busy and needs me to take her place. Yes, you will not be my boyfriend, but you will be my sissy maid and I have plans for you. When do I start your first in-person trainings? Miss D thinks that it should be soon, since I do not have adequate employment eating my time away and so you can have your own time for the holidays. Pontificate on this. Thanks for checking Miss Panties. I'll ponder this possibility and explain the dilemma (regarding a research assignment she requested). By the way, you must visit xxx.com. A pair of ruffled black panties with pink polka dots is calling you. Please remember to hug your barbies. I would be delighted if the Miko Hawaiian barbie is included in your collection.

All the best,

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Put on Your Bra


She clearly understands words, just the way she enunciates the pinker ones, like “panties,” and “bra.” Speaking “panties,” in any of the colors of her voice, she could direct Panties as if she were her marionette. She had read “A Boy’s Bra Training,” the classic story by Marlissa (http://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/chemical/new-boys-bra-training) about a young juvenile delinquent taught manners by his teacher who outfits him with a remote training device and forces him to come to school as a girl and on cue, work the words “my training bra” into her conversation:

“The next day, at my cue, he raised his hand. We had been discussing adjectives. How would he make a connection between his training bra and adjectives? I recognized him. "In a way, adjectives are things that make others things pretty, is that right, Ms. Hardy?" "How do you mean Miss Fox?" He blushed again. "Like my training brassiere makes my figure prettier? Like that?" Again, the class broke down.”

Miss D knew that Miss B had trained Panties around certain words. Panties had been “panty trained” as well as put through bra training much like the boy in the story. Miss B made Panties hang a bra significantly, right at the front door, explaining in her sing-song way, “That bra’s not just for hanging there. You are to put it on as soon as you come in.”

Recently at dinner with her second-best friend Miss R, Miss D joked that “maybe Panties will buy you a bra, too.” Miss R has a sharp mind which her sweetness sometimes obscures, and she shot Miss D a look, knowing something was up. What she didn’t know about was how Miss D had given new meaning to bras, at least for Panties. Just before leaving on a trip, Miss D instructed Panties to shop for two identical bras at one of her favorite stores. “When you put on your bra, you will know that you’re being trained by me even from a distance. You’ll think how maybe I am wearing the same bra and feel less lonely.” From then on, Miss D would frequently refer to “your bra,” “your favorite bra,” and “your cup size,” when speaking to Panties. Panties was made purposefully aware of the cup size, not only of Miss R, but of Miss D’s BFF, Miss C. Panties was slow to understand the plan. Her hopes had been lifted by Miss C’s sweetness and encouraging words, and Panties thought secretly she might subvert how Miss D would have her friend relate to Panties. She knew Miss C would not be bullied by Miss D and was counting on this for protection. Then one day, Panties found Miss B’s favored bras on sale at one of her favorite stores, and bought one for her and on a whim, Miss C. She also reflexively bought one for herself. Soon after, Panties was surprised when Miss C sent her an email with a detailed research assignment. Later Miss C explained: “Even though (Miss D) is your trainer, I understood that by sending me a bra, you were inviting me to train you as well. So my email is my accepting your service on my behalf.” This was the first of several such emails to come.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Face in the Dogbowl


Panties was reminded recently just how lucky she is to have such a kind trainer. Miss B had a thing about cockroaches and maggots and snails which were a regular part of the regimen. Panties had forgotten how long ago, Miss D had been in the audience as Miss B put Panties through her training dance and recital. Maybe Panties had hoped she had forgotten until recently Miss D remarked: “You should appreciate (how easy) things are.. Remember when you had to bark like a dog? Drink wine from a cat dish? Aren’t you glad I haven’t made you do that?” Panties wasn’t sure, but she had probably glimpsed the pink dog bowl Panties had hidden away on a high shelf and was definitely glad she prefers other kinds of amusements. She did make a crack about leading Panties around the park on a leash and recently said she likes to give Panties a little slack so that she is “able to feel the pull and tug of the reins.”
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Friday, November 6, 2009



Panties’ spent the weekend putting away her drab inappropriate wear and sorting through the clothes which best suit her. Now when she looks in her main closet, she sees the lighter colors of the spring, with a distinctly pink shift. She went out of her way to choose a pretty pink little radio she can take out of her purse to catch the latest health alerts and fashion news. Miss D has taught Panties her favorite stores around town and on-line. She has asked Panties to go to Victoria’s Secret for a fitting and to purchase a hot-pink bra which will go well with the color scheme she has planned for Panties’ little room she will someday be living in.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009



Miss D had asked Panties to mend Miss C’s hand-crafted bathing suit. Thanks to circumstance and Panties' lack of foresight, the bathing suit was lost and soon after she received this email:

(Miss C) would like this from Victoria's secret.
Black skirted mini scoop size small $28
Black paisley wireless push up tankini top xs

The studded sandals on that page are pretty hot too...as are some of
the cover ups.

Also, what are your sizes? This could be useful information. And what do you wear on the beach? A pink bikini (I almost spelled it "binki"; I think it would be cute if you called a swimsuit a "binki"? A pink tankini? And old woman style bathing suit--maybe a little
retro? One piece? Swim dress?
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Although Panties has in the past been trained mercilessly in the spirit of sissy Christmas, sissy Labor Day and sissy birthdays, Halloween has always been the most sensitive occasion for Panties. A point not lost on Miss D, who, laughing, made the connection between “Halloween costume” and Panties’ non-sissy attire. It would be almost too easy to send Panties out as Tinkerbell, or as a tampon, or have her spend the day dressed and behaving like a gay man, or even a flagrant transvestite. Thanks to a flurry of remarks by Miss D, Panties understands the most profound choice of all is to not dress at all for Halloween. So Panties spent the entire day out of costume.
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