Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rago Panty Girdle


Miss D and Miss C are both very generous girls, which is part of their eco-liberal-idealistic makeup. Panties envies their boyfriends and friends who also benefit from their penumbra of kindnesses. As BFFs, though, Miss D and Miss C’s mutual care is something Panties can only sigh and admire from a distance. When Miss C received a $50 gift certificate, she immediately thought to share it with Miss D. Half of it. They know each others sizes and are always on the look out for something the other might like whether at Victoria’s Secret or Whole Foods. They share ideas and intimacies and hopes and worries. It was only a matter of time before Panties was offered to Miss C on a much more than loaner basis. She was embarrassed how quickly she learned Panties’ most private secrets, forshadowing Miss D’s remark about what Panties might have under her panties. Miss C made a face, a little like something a little rank had appeared before her, and said: “I don’t imagine anything sexual down there at all. To me, (Panties) is like a eunuch.” And soon after Miss D wrote Panties about wearing a flesh-colored leotard so she could “truly look like a eunuch.” This made Panties remember her days of girdle training when she would have to flatten out beneath the punishing grip of her long-leg panty girdle with its crotch panel sewn up with pink thread to frustrate any kind of easy access and making the simple act of visiting the ladies room an athletic event.
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Jeanie Love Jones said...

awwww, this is sooo sweet!