Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuscan Kitchen

Panties has been searching for a new residence for herself and Miss D. Miss D informed Panties that Panties' current residence has too many m*nly reminders, and is too small. To ameliorate these issues, Miss D is sending Miss C to Panties current residence (which Miss D often refers to as her own) to burn any m*nly articles Miss D finds distasteful. Meanwhile Panties and her barbies are fielding many messages about properties for sale. Miss D has explained that the kitchen must be large, shiny, and bright--perhaps tiled with a mosaic behind the stove, stone floors, and marbleized counters--reminiscent of Tuscany. The kitchen is very important says Miss D, as that is where Panties will be spending most of her time.

1 comment:

Jeanie Love Jones said...

That's wonderful!
i dream for a kitchen like that!
Best wishes finding the perfect kitchen!


ps-also a large closet would be important, for all the clothes,...
but the kitchen is by far more important.