Tuesday, November 24, 2009



The reason Panties had such hopes for Miss C was her initial hesitancy, almost to the point of inarticulation, about directly benefitting from Miss D’s program. “You get the best of both worlds,” she once said. “You get to serve (Miss D) and it's almost like working with me, in a way, once in a while, while serving (Miss D) as your main trainer.” The implication though, was an invitation to some non-sissy relationship.

This week Miss C spelled Miss D and impressed upon Panties just how thoughtful a friend Miss C could be. “I want you to put on a white or light colored skirt,” she began, “Then I want you to go to your refrigerator and take a spoonful of strawberry jam and smear it on the back of your skirt. Then you’re going to go like that to your local health food store...” Miss C is very knowledgeable about holistic remedies and recommended several herbal remedies for Panties’ cramps, which she would discuss candidly with the store personnel, perhaps a sympathetic female clerk. Panties’ period is not for another week at least but she would understand the inconvenience and embarrassment when her body decides when to remind Panties of her womanhood.
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