Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two Amused Girls


Dear Miss Panties,

Thank you for your sweet e-mail. I am writing in order to express my pleasure in your performance. You are adequately listening to my needs, the mark of a good woman. Thanks for the (second) floral bra. Congratulations on your success as a society woman. You give excellent gifts, which I have received. By the way, we now have matching panties. I could not resist the pink polka dots and lace. Your duties as a maid, secretary, and rising womanhood is not going unnoticed. I am delighted to hear that you are dedicated to your training, which is not a game. I imagine the pink scarf accented your attire quite elegantly. D may have informed you that we have our eyes on a hot-pink gown that would flatter you and could be your debutante gown... We have been listening to the tape and finding delight in it. Please do not worry about whether I think it is abuse or not. You asked for the training, therefore it is not abuse. With that in mind, I am honored to train you to be the best woman you can be.

With love,

V.P. C
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