Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two-headed Trainer


“I don’t keep much from (Miss C),” said Miss D. “When one of us gets an idea we take it and it goes back and forth until it is really (becomes huge).” Panties had not accounted for the combined power of two girls together. Miss J and Miss B had teamed up, but they were never that close. Miss D and Miss C were close to the extent that each would consider the other before spending a gift certificate on themselves. And rather than Miss C being the one to defend Panties from sissyhood, it had become clear Miss C could be as serious as Miss D. Especially when something Miss C said appeared in Panties’ personal lexicon. An email from Miss D: “Don't you already have a leotard? Or do you want a flesh colored one so that you undress and truly look like a eunuch?”
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