Monday, November 23, 2009

Six Months


Miss B’s training had been less subtle, but extremely effective. As the walls closed in around her, Panties would find her escape routes barred with Miss B’s training which she had fashioned around a devastating lexicon. Apart from her Barbie dolls, posters, toothpaste, sheets, quilt, clock, and clothing, apart from menstruation and the expectation of her coming out parties and wedding, Panties could no longer refer to herself as a m*n (the opposite sex), or use the personal pronoun, having become in multiple senses, “Panties,” which was both thing-like and super sissy reminder. Her wenis and vagina had been named and she had become reeducated as to the meanings of “squirt,” “flesh-to-flesh,” “getting wet,” and “opposite sex.” Miss D has added to Panties’ personal vocabulary: “manners,” “humble,” “debutante,” with her precise diction giving new spin to essentials like “panties,” and “transvestite.” Again Panties becomes aware of the bars forming around her world with a new front opening to the west as Miss C adds her distinctive sensibility. She has already described the petticoat she wants Panties to wear under her debutante dress, and more recently asked Panties to purchase a pair of bloomers. “You’ll wear this so you don’t show your panties, when you’re bending over or cleaning on your hands and knees,” she said sweetly.
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