Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Face in the Dogbowl


Panties was reminded recently just how lucky she is to have such a kind trainer. Miss B had a thing about cockroaches and maggots and snails which were a regular part of the regimen. Panties had forgotten how long ago, Miss D had been in the audience as Miss B put Panties through her training dance and recital. Maybe Panties had hoped she had forgotten until recently Miss D remarked: “You should appreciate (how easy) things are.. Remember when you had to bark like a dog? Drink wine from a cat dish? Aren’t you glad I haven’t made you do that?” Panties wasn’t sure, but she had probably glimpsed the pink dog bowl Panties had hidden away on a high shelf and was definitely glad she prefers other kinds of amusements. She did make a crack about leading Panties around the park on a leash and recently said she likes to give Panties a little slack so that she is “able to feel the pull and tug of the reins.”
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Jeanie Love Jones said...

awwww, that's soooo cute!