Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Portrait of a Sissy


Panties remembers how Miss J (Miss Jessica, as opposed to Miss J, who Panties is friends with) used to use her powerful phone to photograph Panties in every sissy pose. Sometimes to make a point, she would send Panties an image of her standing in women’s clothes, without makeup or wig at at chic boutique, or fully visible in her pink bikini. Panties was constantly aware of her camera phone filling up with her in skirts, lingerie, and leotards, which Miss Jessica would use to gently and not-so-gently demonstrate her authority. Once, in a café, Panties dared refuse one of her more unreasonable orders. Miss Jessica simply disappeared into the boutique across the street. Panties’ phone rang and was told Miss Jessica was about to send several of her “prettiest photos” to several of Panties’ friends and acquaintances. Panties had to beg Miss Jessica (in a high voice, loudly so that the girls at the neighboring table could hear) for her to return so that Panties could show her respect and obedience. Recently Panties left Miss D a voice mail complaining generally about her sissification. Soon after her phone lit up with an image of Panties getting her eyebrows done by a pretty girl. Panties hadn’t even noticed Miss D nearby, silently taking the photo.
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Jeanie Love Jones said...

Isn't it so good to stay as a sissy?