Saturday, December 12, 2009


If you ever get to hear Miss D you will remember her lovely intelligent voice, her precise diction, and the startling way she can playfully reach for a higher octave or adjust her cadences. Sometimes Miss D is able to make Panties’ head turn pink with a single word (reins) or by the dragging on a word rhythmically, almost hypnotically. As when she was impressing on Panties exactly how she thinks of Panties’ transformation (another word she flicks like a sabre):

....underneath those collared shirts and thick shoes and socks, you-are-a-trans-ves-tite. You-wear-panties. People see you and don’t realize you are wearing a costume, but they sense it. Even when you are dressed normally as a woman, you are not quite dressing as in female clothes, normally.

Then, commenting after reading the entry for November 1 (and unaware even, of the fairy wings hanging in the back of Panties' closet) detailing Panties’ dilemma on Halloween, noting how special Panties must feel wearing a costume all the other days of the year:

Didn’t you dress in your m*n costume for Halloween? How cute. So you didn’t get to go out as Tinkerbell, or a tampon or a flagrant transvestite?

There was a thoughtful pause and then she said slowly, and with amusement:

I think that can be arranged. You’d be embarrassed to have to go out as Tinkerbell without a valid reason. The valid reason of course being I ordered you to do so. Where could you go as Tinkerbell? Hmmm. Maybe we can send you out with a basket of fairy dust and flowers. You could go up to women and ask them for a date. Wouldn’t that be fun? After (a day out as Tinkerbell), you’d be happy to go home and dress normally and do my work....
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