Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not a Date

Miss C who looks like a young and prettier version of Laura Linney took Panties to a play last night. Panties was dressed in Miss D’s red wrap top with a short black print skirt. The play was funny and profound, and afterwards Miss C allowed Panties to drink red wine with her in a dark, atmospheric trattoria a few blocks away. Panties listened to her talk about her boyfriends and art and her life. At one point she glanced down and spoke very intently:

You’re out in a skirt and bare legs and panties. You are wearing pantihose. Everyone sees you as a lady.

Walking in her pumps, feeling the extreme cold on her legs, Panties felt very glad to be out with this pretty, clear-eyed gamine, as her girl friend, out for a night at the theater.
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Jeanie Love Jones said...

Its a wonderful life!