Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Barbie Sheets

Miss D decided Miss C would stay with Panties for a few days so that Panties could learn to relate to her properly. Panties was moved into the closet, sleeping on Barbie sheets and pillowcases, and Miss C was given full authority to use Panties for any of her needs. As when Miss D visits, Panties must knock and ask for permission to come into the presence of Miss C. Panties got her two maids uniforms ready as well as her pink leotard and pink check bloomers. Further, Miss D had Panties go to a specialty store and purchase a big basket of Miss C’s favorite snacks. When the two girls visit, Panties is not allowed to enjoy their company as one of the girls. Rather, she is a shadow, silent, attending to their needs quickly and with love. Recently Miss D and Miss C, with Panties in attendance, discussed the future in terms of how Panties might be of maximum service to their ambitions and daily comforts. They didn't ask for her input or even behave as if she were in any way a party to what is to happen.
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