Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 5


Miss C sat Panties down for a lecture much like girls hear from their mothers, all about feminine hygiene, but with an occasional sharp elbow (such as her directive for Panties to experience an accident while out and about, and constant references to “your period,” “your cycle,” “your cramps,” “your feminine needs,” as well as the obvious implications in her having Panties sit quietly and submit to such an extensive one-way talk). Panties learned all about tampons, applicators and non-applicator, as well as organic brands and extra-green options, such as sea sponges. Panties was assigned a book about ancient historical practices where women were consigned to a red tent to menstruate onto straw which was changed by the young people of the clan. Miss C also showed Panties various menstrual cups (internal catch-devices), showing her how a one-use brand folds for insertion, holding it under a trickle of water so Panties could see and hear its capacity. She asked Panties to purchase one so she could have her own manual routine, filling, emptying, regularly and rinsing her own menstrual device each month. Miss D came in and suggested Panties stock up on a full line of menstrual products including heat pad and medications so to make her as knowledgeable about her body as any woman.
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