Saturday, January 15, 2011

Panties' Saturday Night

The main issue is you keep me awake thinking of ways to punish you. I want you punished before I see you next, and I want a record of it. Also, have Surf Barbie tell me what fines can be tied to complaining or making rude opinions; we've already discussed in-person fines.

Your punishment for voicing an opinion about my response to the Linda comments is to whip yourself with the pink whip while wearing the ruffled dress...and you will record it and send it to me. You have until Sunday night or you will be fined severely, And asked to do this for all the other assignments below.

Your punishment for making a negative assumption about my judgment is to have a diaper squirt while wearing the yellow dress...which you will record as much as possible of this and email it to me by Sunday night.

Your punishment for complaining about finances is to stand in a corner under a plant or holding a plant on top of your head for 30 minutes while wearing your black ball gown...filming this and emailing it by Sunday night of course.

And your punishment for suggesting your own needs take precedence over mine in a recent email is to yell out the window, "I wear Panties" while wearing your ruffled dress...and filming this and emailing it to me by Sunday night.

Your combined punishment for positing negativity about the seminar and for misunderstanding my directions about adding TASP to the calendar and flight info listed on the same document is to wear your girl jeans and sweater and girl boots and repeat over and over: "I am a petite girl" this carefully and send it to me by Sunday night.

You have a busy weekend, and of course I'll watch these videos and this will be part of your formal training. NO COMPLAINTS OR EXCUSES ABOUT THIS. GO! CANCEL ANY PLANS IF THESE TASKS DON'T FIT INTO YOUR PLANS...and of course for added humility, it is okay to have an assistant help you film...or you can just set the camera on a tripod.

Now I should sleep better,


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Linda said...

WOW! Sounds like Panties is really in trouble. I can't help but wonder about her original comment that got Miss D started on punishments.

I have an idea about what a diaper squirt is but would love to hear the details. May be Panties is allowed to play with her "thing" while wearing diapers, until she cums in her diapers. I wonder how long she has to wear the squirted on diaper. Maybe overnight - instead of an overnight pad. Perhaps if she has to pee during the night, she uses the diaper for that too, not changing it until the morning.

Another alternative is for her to lick the cum from her diaper and then still wearing until morning.

Lots of possibilities with diaper training. Does she ever wear them in public? I'm assuming these are the disposables which are quite noisy. Do people look at her with her crackling diaper noise?