Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Miss D has informed Panties that she would be lent to her friends, including her BFF, Miss C. It was always qualified, like, “Miss C won’t be your trainer, but you’ll have to occasionally clean her house or run an errand when she needs it.” Miss C seemed equally evasive about ever being more than an indirect beneficiary of Panties’ training. Panties remembers riding in a car with Miss D reading Panties’ poem about wearing panties:

Before I get to hold your hand
or kiss you on the lips
I share a pleasure with your aunties
A nylon secret on my hips
I’m always wearing panties.

From the back seat came Miss C’s voice, hesitantly: “So you always wear...?” Miss D interjected: “Yes, Panties always wears panties. That’s part of why her name is Panties.” Even as she learned the full details from Miss D, Miss C would only hint, timidly almost, at the possibility of ever making use of Panties as a maid or secretary. Panties on her part, had desperate hopes of impressing Miss C as something other than a sissy, taking comfort in her friendly words which indicated she would like to get to know the non-Panties side of her. Sensing this, Miss D dressed Panties in her maid’s uniform and had her kneel before Miss C and confess her love for her, while asking for a chance to date. Miss C (groggy with sleep), gave a mumbling reply which ended with: “I think of you the same way (Miss D) does...she has a good plan for you and I’m going to support her.” Then Panties was sent downstairs to clean Miss C’s living room. Since then, things have accelerated.
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