Friday, October 9, 2009


Panties is being trained to become a well-mannered lady. She'll have to listen to Miss D reading from a manners book while occasionally pausing to illustrate a point that relates to any of Panties' errors. Panties will have to summarize these lessons and include brief essays on the lessons' applicability to her life. Only when Miss D is satisfied that Panties has become a well-mannered lady will Miss D allow her to have a debutante party. Panties dreams of wearing a yellow dress that she saw on an actress at a play she attended with Miss D. Miss D and her friend, Miss C, wants Panties to also wear a pink lace-ruffled petticoat which Panties will hand-sew. Panties doesn't have to worry about squirting during this preparation time; she has all the moisture-release she needs as she wakes up in night sweats worrying about who will be on the invite list...Will every real girl she's ever known be invited? Will this be bigger than the coming-out party thrown by Miss B? Will she lose all hope as an m*n? Miss D is very kind, but she is sometimes surreptitious in her plans for Panties.

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