Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Panties and I discussed m*n at length this weekend. She had asked that she be permitted to attend an event as an m*n. I laughed and replied, "but you are not an m*n". I then proceeded to describe several sexy foreigners I had dated--real m*n--m*n with long lean bodies, chiseled features, and baritone voices. These men did not wear panties. These men and I shared discourse on soft and hard sciences, and intimacies also of the soft and hard nature; we did not share our desires for the perfect pair of panties. Panties was jealous to hear such things. She asked if she might have a girlfriend who describes her this way. With a smirk, I told her, "I don't take your "relationships" with women seriously; you should be happy that Life-size Barbie lets you kiss her". Panties then rose from her knees in silence. With her head bowed and turned away from me, she retrieved her fiance', Life-size Barbie, from a corner and took her into the closet where Panties was living. I slipped out quietly while Panties shared an intimate moment with Life-size Barbie.

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