Monday, October 5, 2009

Boots, Skirts and Pantihose


Later, Miss D had on a pair of her stylish boots which she says is the best thing about winter. The boots were very sexy and fit well. She wanted a pair with flat heels, however, and remembered fondly, a pair of boots with a thick heel she had worn to the ground. Panties listened sympathetically, as she did when the conversation shifted to the subject of who she thought was hot. Miss D pointed out several she liked, rather the John Cusack type, a little scruffy, someone who you might notice in some hip coffee bar, maybe with a white laptop open. Miss segued into Panties’ having to sit and watch her with a real M*n at a show or restaurant, dressed of course as a woman, watching Miss D attend to someone she was physically, intellectually, sensually attracted to. She had read Miss B’s account and she liked the idea of Panties paying for her night out with her Man. Panties’ ears burned as she stared down at her pantihose and the hem of her skirt, but not nearly as much as they would in a subsequent conversation, the kind girls get into when they are with girl friends they can trust with every intimacy.
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