Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sissy Secretary


Please, based on the attached file samples and the law posted in the body of the email, create the necessary paperwork for us to take to the court to complete this process. You will wear your secretarial outfit while doing this. You will be wearing your purple shirt, lined black panty hose, black heels, black pencil skirt, black bra that matches mine, pink panties, black slip, pink or nude lipstick, plum eyeshadow, black mascara, foundation, black wig pulled into a pony tail or pig tails. Your nails will be short but filed neatly and cleaned with a nail brush. A waste basket and red pen will be near you to correct and dispose of drafts. You will spank yourself when you've messed up. You will spank yourself with the pink whip. You are a sissy secretary.
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