Monday, October 12, 2009

Miss J


Miss D has always been generous about Panties’ girl friends because as she explained, she did not take any of them seriously. They were exactly girl friends rather than girlfriends. “The only way you would get a girlfriend is if you find a girl who has some kind of fetish for transvestites and who accepts that you are my sissy maid,” she said. “That’s going to be very hard,” Miss D, continued sympathetically, but with an unmistakable, flirting ridicule. As usual, Miss D’s soft touch is spiked with iron implication, in this case, the way she casually broke the expectation that Panties would have to continue as her sissy maid even if she found a female who would accept her. Panties had always assumed that she would have the option of backing out and being a full, legitimate b*yfriend if she found the right woman. At least at this point of her training.

Miss D has been especially generous about J who is exquisitely cute but feisty on behalf of her friends. Panties had been hoping to keep her off Miss D’s radar as a potentially ardent defender against Panties’ sissification. She had in the past indicated she would teach Miss D herself a lesson if necessary. Miss D took this in stride, amicable making a point of complimenting her whenever possible. Then recently Miss D during training for the forthcoming Debutante Party, it was not lost on Panties when Miss D for the first time, mentioned that Miss J might be invited. Panties didn’t say anything, but she felt a stinging alarm and strangely, relief. Surf Barbie had reprimanded her for not being “an open book,” especially about J, and threatened to tell Miss B directly about Panties’ secret hopes, that J might be a powerful ally and means of escape. But it seems Miss D intends to make a new friend, and now it is Panties who suffers excessive “moisture release” waking up with “night sweats,” realizing how playful, capricious and capable her intelligent and beautiful trainer can be and that the surprises come always at Panties’ expense.
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