Friday, February 5, 2010

That Time of the Month

Three more days. This has become more than a routine. The number of times she has sat on the toilet and pulled down her panties to see that bright spike of red on her pad, the number of times she has been reminded of that extra bit of female clothing, her sanitary belt, stretching under her undergarments, as well as the soft bulk between her legs (which Miss J loved to make fun of), these add up to psychological weight over time. Her monthly calendar is filled with female calculations. She has to prepare her sanitary belt and pad the night before her period begins. She has to avoid outfits that are too revealing. Strolling down the feminine hygiene aisle, she thinks about whether her supplies are running low. When she is around women she is aware that some of them have pads under their panties. Just like Panties. The purpose of her menstruation though, is more sissy than female. It’s not the downside to a positive biological cycle. Panties’ menstruation has to do with brain change and learning who exactly, for her, is “the opposite sex.” Panties understands how unlikely she is ever going to undress with seductive intent in front of a woman during her period. She remember how Miss J instructed her to leave her tampons out in the hotel bathroom so that Miss Sara would know she was using them. More recently, Panties has begun enunciating the word menstruation as does Miss D, in four syllables. (She said she would replace Panties’ beliefs, interests, and opinions based on hers and Miss C’s.) Panties menstruates longer than most women and she will likely continue to menstruate long after most women find some relief from the mess and bother come menopause. Like them, though, she feels a simple relief on the last day of her period, happy about the thick layer of days between the 7th and the first of the next month.
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