Monday, February 22, 2010

Flying in a Bra

Miss D corrects Panties when she says “...when I’m your secretary.” “You are my secretary,” she continues, “...and you’ll become an even better secretary. And one day, you’ll be allowed to be my personal assistant.” Panties already has experience as Miss D’s travel secretary, registering her on travel sites and taking care of meal and seat preferences (she always gets the window), but this was her first time accompanying her on a business trip. Following the lead of Miss J and Miss B, who had flown with Panties with strict controls over her wardrobe, Miss D took care that Panties would always appear before her dressed normally. That is, not ever in any of her in any of her m*le costumes. Panties was told to pack her pink bikini along with girls sandals and girls jeans she had bought with Miss C. Miss D is cute and vulnerable and loveable, but she is extremely capable and Panties had to find the right mix of anticipating her needs, taking care of taxis, asking directions, etc. while not seeming too much like a m*n. At one point, after Panties shepherded them to some address, Miss D remarked: “It’s amusing to see you make (these arrangements) when I am very capable, and probably much more capable than you to (get around this place)...though you should get used to traveling with me, carrying my bags, going where ever I’ve decided, following me around with no idea of the purpose or the address, obediently without questions.” Miss D is very easy going and forgiving, and with her searching intelligence, a wonderful person to travel with, especially if you were her peer. But even as her traveling secretary, there is no better person to travel with to any corner of the world.
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Linda said...

The title was "Flying in a Bra" but there were no details on that experience. Did the underwire bra set off an alarm while going through security? What was Panties actual outfit? Did she raise any eyebrows as she waited in line?