Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Nails

Even in a fully staffed hotel, Panties was expected to serve Miss D. Panties was directed to empty Miss D’s suitcase and hang her clothes neatly in the closet. It was expected that Panties would straighten up between the visits of the hotel maid. Panties also served Miss D, poured her tea and drinks, arranged her taxis and shopping. Sometimes Miss D would allow Panties to accompany her as a girl friend, two girls seeing the sights. Panties could enjoy the company of Miss D almost as a peer, although one who is permanently aware of who is the alpha female. Miss D pointed out how she could be rude and demanding of Panties in the way she never is with her friends. “Get my sunglasses,” she ordered, “Why are you still standing there?” Later Panties tended to Miss D’s feet with pumice, lotions and nail polish, before doing her own in the same color.
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