Thursday, February 11, 2010


Planning her business trip with Panties, Miss D admired the photos of Miss J in the Miami surf where Panties traveled without a stitch of m*n costumery and where Miss J posed topless with none of the shyness girls get when they disrobe in front of the opposite sex. Panties must clear all of her travel and especially matters of wardrobe with Miss D, who like, Miss J, just a few blocks away last night under the extreme wet snow blowing, was suffering the effects of this season’s flu. Panties met with Miss J/E, who wanted Panties to pose naked for a coffee table book and exhibition by a certain notorious, er, sensationalist, perhaps, artist. Miss J/E, amidst a blizzard of her own film and personal projects, offered to chaperone. Far away in San Diego, Miss B negotiates a new world paradise not long before Miss D is surprised by a box of chocolates along with a big box addressed to Miss C, delivered prematurely.
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