Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miss D With a Handsome M*n

Miss D met Miss R Friday night for drinks and to catch up. It was a crowded, underground space almost the whole basement space of the building, probably. Panties sat drinking her sissy drink, looking about demurely, and passively as she must whenever her girl friends bring along along a real m*n. Panties sat in her short skirt and V-necked as one of three wearing panties and a bra. She thought about the contrast with the guy, who was smart, nice and dressed in rough, masculine clothing. Later, Miss D observed how Miss R probably didn’t connect the last time Panties had been in the same room with her dressed “in costume,” (that is, in her attempt to pass as a m*n with her), and how every time since, Panties has been dressed in women's clothing. “She probably doesn’t see it (as punishment for) your unladylike behavior, (but instead) thinks this is just who you are now and how you always dress.” She said that Miss R would probably not ever see Panties in costume ever again.
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