Thursday, February 7, 2008


Miss B sat down at the computer and ordered the shoes that night. Panties already had given her the credit card number and expiration date. "Doesn't that feel good? Aren’t you happy?” asked Miss B. “Because these are what make me happy. I think I’ll use you for my friends, too. I’ll say, ‘Oh let me. My slave will take care of it.’ I think, Panties that you’ll pay for whenever I buy birthday presents for my friends.” The next day Panties came home and found a package at her door. She couldn’t believe it was possible, but somehow it had been delivered in less than 24 hours. Several hours later, Miss B was trying them on. “Aren’t you looking forward to kissing the bottoms?” she asked. “But you have to wait for them to get dirty first. That way you feel like a dirty piece of gum. Or a bug I’ve stepped on. She looked at a Barbie poster Panties had bought for less than $10. “That’s the difference between us, Panties. I get a lovely new pair of Puma shoes, green and purple, for $90 and you get a $5 pink Barbie poster.” Panties was in fact happy that Miss B could throw out her worn out athletic shoes with the ruined heel counters. But for some reason she took them with her, leaving a less-dilapidated pair of shoes which she no longer had any use for.

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