Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Spanking


“Get into your favorite position,” said Miss B. Panties could hear her testing her leather belt. “Which alphabet do you want to say?” The last spanking Panties had to say each letter followed by the word “panties,” followed by a stroke of the belt. Since then Panties had practiced saying the alphabet, each letter followed by “my vagina.” Panties said she would be happy saying which ever Miss B preferred. She told Panties to choose. Panties choose the Vagina Alphabet. “Lift up your nightie,” sing-sang Miss B. Panties did as she was told and waited. But Miss B was waiting for her to begin. “‘A’ My vagina...” Crack of leather! “‘B’ my vagina...” Crack of leather! “‘C’ my vagina...” Miss B wasn't happy about how Panties said "C." "Start over," she said. “‘A’ My vagina...” Crack of leather! “‘B’ my vagina...” Even though Panties was wearing pantihose over her panties, she was soon writhing, after each stroke. Miss B was expertly distributing the strokes, but she was really putting her strength into each strike. Panties was ordered to put extra passion into enunciating "C," "O," and "Y" with "my vagina." By the end, Panties was quivering. Miss B cheerfully went on about Panties’ new life and how she was going to be used. But after a while she said, “Now you can say your Panty Alphabet.” Panties cringed. “Do you want your Barbie for comfort?” Miss B handed Panties Hip-2B-Square Barbie. Panties began to recite her Panty Alphabet, tensed as each letter went by without a stroke. By ‘T’ she felt that Miss B would spare her. But on ‘Z’ Miss B struck Panties hard, followed by a volley of hard spanks. “Aw, did that hurt? Do you get comfort from your Barbie?” Her voice was kindly and soft. Panties could hear the light rhythmic slap of the leather belt against her palm. Panties remained in her favorite position listening to Miss B. Miss B wanted Panties to buy her a new pair of shoes on line. “Purple with green soles. Aren’t you looking forward to kissing the bottoms?” Panties had been used to kissing Miss B’s feet or the top of her shoes, but recently she had been raising the toe for Panties to kiss the dirty soles of her shoes. The slap of leather had stopped. “Now I want you to say your Vagina Alphabet again.” The spanking was hard and merciless. Panties would feel it all the next day under her panties and sanitary belt.
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