Thursday, January 3, 2008


Christmas Pageant - 4

When Miss Di arrived the tone of the room shifted slightly as the girls commiserated with her boy problems. Although they are all girly girls, Miss Di mostly closely hews to the standard. Besides her attractively low voice she’s always accompanied by her female drama. She will sit quietly and let her friends fuss about her. She was considerate and friendly to Panties in a way she would be to a girl. She certainly didn’t bother to dress up for Panties, but she always looks good even without effort and the turquoise flower she had put in her hair gave her a casual glamour. She asked for a lime-vodka cocktail asking the other girls not to comment. After Panties served her, Miss B requested a dance recital. Panties apologized for not memorizing fully the steps and the lyrics, but Miss B said it was okay to read from notes. She raised the camera and took several photos of Panties in her dress taking care to shoot close ups framing Panties’ hips and thighs. What caught her eye were the panties and elastics of the garterbelt and sanitary belt visible through the pink chiffon. "Dance for us, Panties," she said gaily. And Panties began to dance.

Men-stru-ation (To the tune of Macarena)

That time of the month it ruins my vacation
Just like a girl be she French, Greek or Haitian
My tampon and pad they are my inspiration
My mensturation!

Tampon up tight part of my transformation
String dangling out for my presentation
First five days I need extra protection
MY menstruation!

Sanitary belt
Upon my hips is felt
My panty brain it melts
Fourteen days!

My period is me I’m a pink aberration
For the rest of my life with no cessation
Two long weeks without masturbation
My menstruation!

Know every month i enjoy menstruation
My time of the month it’s a red, wet sensation
To bleed like a girl it is my aspiration
My menstruation!
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